Bone Pirate’s Tatters ESO

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Bone Pirate’s Tatters

Bone Pirate’s Tatters is a Dungeon, Medium Armor Set in ESO.

Bone Pirate's Tatters
2 Items: Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
3 Items: Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
4 Items: Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
5 Items: While you have a drink buff active, your Maximum Stamina is increased by 2000 and Stamina Recovery by 133.

Set Info

  • Type: Medium Armor Set
  • Location: Blackheart Haven Dungeon
  • DLC: No DLC
  • Style: Draugr

Bone Pirate’s Tatters Set Description

This Set is available as a drop in the Blackheart Haven Dungeon. An amazing Stamina sustain set that is mostly used in PVP Builds. The Set bonuses boost your Maximum Stamina and Stamina Recovery. Its fifth piece bonus increases your Maximum Stamina and Stamina Recovery while you have a drink buff active. This set is a good option for most Stamina DPS PVP Builds because of its fifth piece bonus. Combined with Dubious Camoran Throne or any other Drink buff that boosts Stamina characters, can assist you with Stamina sustain and help you survive for longer.

An essential Set for most hard to sustain – stamina hungry classes and builds. Despite being an amazing Stamina based Set for PVP, the set does not have much use in PVE. It can help new players to the game that struggle with Stamina sustain but in general there are other better options for PVE encounters. It is relatively easy to “farm” since it drops in the Blackheart Haven Dungeon in Normal and Veteran difficulties. You only need the base game to access the dungeon.


These are a few Builds that can use effectively this Set:

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