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Dark Brotherhood Skills

Dark Brotherhood Skills in ESO are special skills that belong to the Guild Skills category. This guild offers only passive abilities that will help you complete nefarious tasks, like stealing! In order to level it up, players must complete the Dark Brotherhood quest line and special daily missions offered by its members. To gain access to the Guild you must own the Dark Brotherhood DLC. Dark Brotherhood Skills can help you create a dedicated Thief Build in ESO!

Dark Brotherhood Skills List

Below you can find all Dark Brotherhood Skills.


Blade of Woe
Call the weapon of the Dark Brotherhood to your hand and deliver a killing blow to an unsuspecting target. Experience from this target is reduced by 75%. This ability does not work on players or difficult targets.Passive

Scales of Pitiless Justice
Bounty and Heat resulting from a witnessed Murder or Assault is reduced by 50%.Passive

Padomaic Sprint
Grants Major Expedition, increasing your Movement Speed by 30% for 12 seconds after killing an enemy with Blade of Woe.

Shadowy Supplier
A contact from the Brotherhood provides beneficial items once per day. This contact is located in Outlaw Refuges, the Gold Coast Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, and the Hew's Bane Thieves Den.Passive

Shadow Rider
Aggression radius from hostile monsters is decreased by 50% while mounted.Passive

Spectral Assassin
15% chance to shroud you when using the Blade of Woe, shielding you from being witnessed and receiving a Bounty.Passive

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