eso sets

ESO Sets

Powerful ESO Sets for every type of Build or gameplay in The Elder Scrolls Online! These are strong Armor Sets that can help you create an effective Build for PVE or PVP gameplay in the game. Armor Sets can help you enjoy the game more and some times are necessary for clearing harder content. Players can get Armor Sets from a variety of sources, like Dungeons, crafted from other players or rewards for completing specific activities.

ESO Sets Categories

There are several ways to distinguish Armor Sets in the game. Based on the weight of the Armor, Light Sets, Medium Sets, Heavy Sets or based on the content that drops them, Dungeons, Overland or Trials. Below you can find the most important categories of Armor Sets in The Elder Scrolls Online! All available Sets in the game belong into one of the following categories. Browsing them, will help you pick a suitable Armor Set for your next PVE or PVP Build!

light sets

Light Armor Sets ESO

Light Armor Sets in ESO offer mostly Magicka-based bonuses and are best suited for Magicka DPS or Healer Builds.
medium sets

Medium Armor Sets ESO

Medium Armor Sets in ESO offer mostly Stamina-based bonuses and are best suited for Stamina DPS Builds in PVE or PVP!
heavy sets

Heavy Armor Sets ESO

Heavy Armor Sets in ESO offer mostly Health, Armor and Health recovery bonuses and are best suited for Tank Builds.
crafted sets

Crafted Sets ESO

Crafted Sets in ESO are Armor Sets that can only be made by players with the appropriate crafting knowledge.
monster sets

Monster Sets ESO

Monster Sets in ESO are powerful 2-piece Armor Sets that offer unique and strong bonuses to its wearer. Monster Sets help with strong Builds.
3 piece sets

3 Piece Sets ESO

3 Piece Sets in ESO are special Armor Sets that offer bonuses for up to 3 items. These 3 Piece Sets are great to complement Builds in ESO!
arena weapons eso

Arena Weapons ESO

Arena Weapons in ESO are special ability Altering Weapons – Sets, you can earn from the group or Solo based Arenas of the game.