eso scribing skills

ESO Scribing Skills

Scribing is a Gameplay System in ESO, that introduces unique customizable Skills to the game! With Scribing you can pick one out of eleven abilities, called Grimoires, to customize with Scripts and make it function in any way you like! A precursor to Spellcrafting, Scribing expands the freedom players have when creating a PVE or PVP Build to enjoy their time in The Elder Scrolls Online! This Guide will show you all available Scribing Skills in ESO and how you can customize them to create the Build of your dreams!

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How Scribing Works in ESO

Scribing is an innovative system that works in a very simple and understandable way! With Scribing players can select one or more specific Skills, called Grimoires and customize them with Scripts to alter their effects and function. This allows you to create a unique skill, suitable for a variety of situations. To unlock Scribing you first need access to the Gold Road Chapter! Then you can interact with the appropriate NPC to start the Scribing Quest line and unlock your first Grimoires!

A Grimoire is a base Scribing Skill, that offers a specific function. You can unlock more Grimoires by completing the appropriate Scribing quests! You can further customize your available Grimoires with the use of Scripts. There are three types of Scripts available in ESO:

  • Focus Scripts – Defines the main function of the Grimoire.
  • Signature Scripts – Adds unique effects to your Grimoire.
  • Affix Scripts – Adds Buffs or Debuffs to your Grimoire.
eso scribing skills
Scribing Scripts Categories(Credit: Zenimax Media Inc)

With the use of these three types of Scripts you can decide how a Grimoire works, add unique effects to it and have it buff you and allies or debuff your enemies! The combinations you can use for every Scribing Skill Grimoire are almost endless, which gives you the freedom to create a few amazing abilities in ESO!

To customize your Grimoires with Scripts you need to use a material called Luminous Ink! You can find this type of Ink everywhere in ESO. Every Script you add to your Grimoires, costs one Ink. So to add three Scripts to a Grimoire will cost you three(3) Inks. If you just want to replace an existing Script with a new one, this action will cost you one Ink.

What are the Scribing Skills in ESO

There are eleven available Scribing Skills in ESO(at the moment, more will probably come later)! These are new skills from Weapon, World, Alliance War and Guild Skill Lines! At the moment there are one Grimoire from every Weapon Skill Line, one Grimoire for the Mages Guild and one for the Fighters Guild lines, one Grimoire for the Alliance War skill lines and two Grimoires for the Soul Magic Skill Line. The Scribing Skills are:

  • Traveling Knife(Dual Wield)
  • Vault(Bow)
  • Mender’s Bond(Restoration Staff)
  • Elemental Explosion(Destruction Staff)
  • Shield Throw(One Hand and Shield)
  • Smash(Two Handed)
  • Soul Burst(Soul Magic)
  • Wield Soul(Soul Magic)
  • Torchbearer(Fighters Guild)
  • Ulfsild’s Contingency(Mages Guild)
  • Trample(Alliance War)
GrimoireBase Effect

Traveling Knife

(Dual Wield)

Twirl and throw an enhanced dagger at an enemy which returns to you after a short delay and hits additional enemies in the path.


Fire a burst at your feet while flipping backwards.

Mender's Bond

(Restoration Staff)
Tether yourself to an ally, manifesting a life link between you and them.

Elemental Explosion

(Destruction Staff)

Channel the power in your staff to fling a bolt of volatile magic, causing an elemental explosion at the target location.

Shield Throw

(One Hand and Shield)
Hurl your shield at an enemy, which then returns to you.


(Two Handed)
Drag your weapon along the ground to smash a cone in front of you.

Soul Burst

(Soul Magic)

Unleash a Powerful burst of Soul magic around you.

Wield Soul

(Soul Magic)
Launch a concentrated blast of soul magic at a target.


(Fighters Guild)
Conjure an imbued torch and sweep the area in front of you three times with its power.

Ulfsild’s Contingency

(Mages Guild)
Imbue yourself with the magical runes of Ulfsild. These runes trigger when you cast an ability with a cast, causing a burst of magic around you.


(Alliance War)
Pierce the air with a shrill whistle, calling your mount forth to trample enemies in a line.

By using the Scribing System you can take the basic function of a Grimoire and make it suit your play style more! Scribing only affects these new Grimoire Skills and cannot alter the nature of existing skills in ESO!

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