About Me

I am a passionate gamer and fan of the Elder Scrolls Series! Professional Content Creator and owner of the arzyelbuilds.com and arzyelarmory.com websites, focusing on The Elder Scrolls Online with hundreds of Builds and Guides! Thanks to my experience in Gaming and especially Online Gaming I create practical and effective Builds & Guides for New and Veteran players!

Creating PVE & PVP Builds for the The Elder Scrolls Online. Balanced builds for solo and group gameplay with different setups for different content. The builds you can find here are practical and tested in real gameplay. Perfect for new but also veteran players.

PVE DPS Builds that offer a Dedicated Group(Dungeons & Trial) Setup, as well as a no-Trial gear setup for easier group and Solo content.

Dedicated PVE Solo Builds(normal & One Bar) for harder Solo content like the Maelstrom Arena and Vateshran Hollows!

Powerful Burst damage PVP Builds for Battlegrounds and Open World Gameplay!

Guides for every aspect of The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Thank you very much!