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Throne and Liberty Sets

Item Sets in Throne and Liberty are combinations of specific gear pieces that offer additional bonuses to the wearer. Sets offer specific bonuses when you are wearing a certain number of appropriate gear pieces and can benefit your Build. Depending on the role you wish to fulfill certain Sets are better for DPS, Tanking or Healing. Sets in Throne and Liberty consist of Armor gear pieces or Accessories. Combining them with strong Weapons and their unique Skills, can help you make powerful PVE and PVP Builds!

What are Sets in Throne and Liberty

Sets are pieces of gear combined together to offer extra bonuses to the wearer. By equipping your character with a specific numbers of items from a Set, you unlock one or more powerful bonuses. These Bonuses can help you become stronger and fulfill your role in the game more efficiently. For example the Ghost Wolf Set grants you extra damage as a bonus when you wear two of its pieces. With four pieces it gives an Off-Hand Weapon Attack Chance Boost as well.

At the moment only Armor gear and Accessories are part of TL item Sets. You can farm the required pieces for a Throne and Liberty Set in various areas and from different sources. Set pieces in Throne and Liberty can come from Dungeon or Overland Bosses, Guild Raid Bosses or even quest rewards.

Throne and Liberty Sets List

Below you can find all available Item Sets in the game. Most of them are of Epic(purple) quality while a few are of Rare(Blue) quality.

Abyss Slayer Set
2 items: Maximum Damage +15
4 items: Critical Hit +100. On dealing Critical Hits, restore 3% of damage dealt as health.
Chief Commander Set
2 items: Damage Reduction 22
4 items: Shield Block Chance increase by 10%
Dawn Mist Set
2 items: Ranged Evasion increase by 250, Magic Evasion increases by 250
4 items: Bonus Damage 35 increase
Death Set
2 items: Critical Damage increase by 21%
4 items: Added Attack Speed +10%
Dimensional Chaos
2 items: Stamina Regen reduction by 10
Ghost Wolf Set
2 items: Bonus Damage 22
4 items: Off-Hand Weapon Attack Chance Boost increase by 30%.
Holy Ghost Fighter Set
2 items: Buff Duration 10% increase
4 items: Damage Reduction increases by 20, Endurance increases by 150
Imperator Set
2 items: Melee Heavy Attack Chance 150
4 items: Mobility Skills Move Range increase by 10%
Indomitable Knight Set
3 items: Damage Reduction 15
Mother Nature Set
2 items: Weaken Duration increase by 7.5
4 items: Range increase by 10%
Mysterious Sage Set
3 items: Cooldown Speed +5%
Reflection Mind Set
3 items: Added Attack Speed +6.60%
Robert's Concentration Set
2 items: Ranged Critical Hit 68
3 items: When attacking enemies with less than 50% Health for 3s Critical Damage increases by 140.
Rutaine's Mysterious Set
2 items: Magic Critical Hit 68
3 items: When attacking enemies with less than 50% Health for 3s, Critical Damage increases by 140.
Sacred Vanquisher's Set
2 items: Skill Damage over Time increases by 20%
3 items: Skill Damage Resistance 150
Sophia's Strength Set
2 items: Melee Critical Hit 68
3 items: When attacking enemies with less than 50% Health for 3s, Critical Damage increases by 140.
Transcended One Set
2 items: Cooldown Speed +7.50%
4 items: Skill Heal increase by 25%.
Winged Wind Set
2 items: Critical Hit +200
4 items: Critical Hit Damage +10%. Critical Hit Damage increases by 1% per 1m away from the target.
World Tree Set
2 items: Max Mana +1500, Mana Regen +50.
4 items: 1% increased skill cooldown rate per 1000 Max Mana.
Wraith Knight Set
2 items: Maximum Health +2000
4 items: Melee Heavy Attack +12 per 1000 of current Health

Is it Worth Using TL Sets

Sets are powerful items in Throne and Liberty that can further enhance your capabilities. Using a Set will allow you to unlock extra bonuses for your character and create stronger Builds for PVE or PVP gameplay. Combining Set pieces with Weapons and other Armor, appropriate for the role you wish to fulfill, is the best way to be more efficient in Throne and Liberty!

You can use the above Sets, in order to create powerful Builds in Throne and Liberty! For TL Builds and Guides you can take a look at my Throne and Liberty Builds and Guides Page!

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