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Excavation Skills

Excavation Skills in ESO are special skills that belong to the World Skills category. The Excavation skill-line is part of the Antiquities System. It includes important skills for this activity that will help you unearth Antiquities and Mythic Items.

Excavation Skills List

Below you can find all Excavation Skills in ESO!


Hand Brush
Removes a single layer of soil or rock from a 1x1 area.
Generates: 1 Intuition
Maximum Intuition: 4.

Indicates how near the Antiquity is to the selected location. Can only be used a limited number of times, based on the Antiquity's Difficulty. Works on the lowest six layers of dirt and rocks.
Cannot detect Bonus Loot.
Using Augur does not consume a turn.

Removes 3 layers of dirt or rock from a 1x1 area.
Costs 2 Intuition to use.
Can safely trigger Fissures to create explosive chain reactions.

Keen Eye: Dig Sites

Antiquity Dig Sites will be easier to see when you are 30 meters or closer.


Excavator's Reserves
Increases the amount of time you have available when excavating a dig site.Passive

Heavy Shovel
Removes 1 layer of dirt and rocks from up to a 3x3 area. The shovel only affects a single contiguous height of dirt and rocks.
Costs 2 Intuition to use.
Has a chance to consume no Intuition on use.

Keen Eye: Treasure Chests
Treasure Chests will be easier to see when you are 30 meters or closer.

Excavation is a valuable skill line for the Antiquities system in ESO. It allows you to unearth Antiquities and Mythic Items fragments. Mythic Items are powerful 1-piece Sets that can help you create strong PVE Builds and PVP Builds for every playable Class in ESO!

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