Bound Armaments ESO

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Bound Armaments

Bound Armaments is a Sorcerer Skill, found in the Daedric Summoning Skill line. The skill offer active and Passive benefits to Stamina Sorcerers.

Bound Armaments
Target: Self

Base Skill: Bound Armor
While slotted on either ability bar, your Light and Heavy Attacks summon a Bound weapon for 10 seconds, up to 4 times. Fully-charged Heavy Attacks grant two stacks. When you have one or more Bound Weapon active, you can activate the ability to arm the weapons, causing them to strike your target for 863 Physical Damage every 0.3 seconds. While slotted, your Max Stamina is increased by 8%.

Bound Armaments is a morph of the Bound Armor base skill. The other morph is Bound Aegis.