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Caustic Arrow

Caustic Arrow is an Ability Altering Set in ESO, obtainable from the Dragonstar Arena.

Caustic Arrow
2 items: Increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 330 against targets affected by your Poison Arrow.

Set Info

  • Type: Arena
  • Location: Dragonstar Arena
  • DLC: No DLC
  • Style: Woodelf

Caustic Arrow Set Description

This is a special Ability Altering Set, obtainable from the Dragonstar Arena. The Set belongs to a special category of Sets called Dragonstar or Master Weapons, that represent a category of in-game weapons each. This is basically The Master’s Bow, available as a random drop from defeating the last boss of the Dragonstar Arena in normal difficulty. The Set increases your Weapon and Spell Damage against targets affected by your Poison Arrow.

This set is a nice alternative to Thunderous Volley for Stamina based characters in PVE. In this case your damage depends on the Poison Injection Bow Skill instead of Volley. Because of this The Master’s Bow is also an excellent tool to use in PVP. Stamina Characters utilizing Bows can use this Set with success to boost their damage against other players, since Poison Injection is a basic Bow PVP skill in ESO. The Bow drops from the Dragonstar Arena, a four-man Arena located in Craglorn zone, in normal difficulty which makes it harder to “farm”. The Arena requires the group to work together and usually takes longer to complete than the Maelstrom Arena from where you can get Thunderous Volley.

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