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Clever Alchemist

Clever Alchemist is a Crafted Armor Set in ESO. A potent set for PVP Builds.

Clever Alchemist
2 items: Adds 1206 Maximum Health
3 items: Adds 1206 Maximum Health
4 items: Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
5 items: When you drink a potion during combat you feel a rush of energy, increasing your Weapon and Spell Damage by 675 for 20 seconds.

Clever Alchemist Set Info

  • Type: Crafted Armor Set – 7 Traits
  • Location: Hew’s Bane, No Shira Workshop
  • DLC: Thieves Guild DLC

Set Description

The crafting stations for this set can be found in No Shira Workshop around Hew’s Bane. To gain access to the zone and the Set’s crafting stations you must own the Thieves Guild DLC.

The Set’s bonuses boost your Maximum Health, Weapon Damage and Spell Damage. With its fifth piece bonus when you drink a potion during combat you feel a rush of energy, increasing your Weapon and Spell Damage. This crafted set is a great option for Stamina DPS and Magicka DPS PVP Builds.

The set can boost your Health but also your Spell and Weapon damage, something that makes it valuable for every PVP Build. Its fifth piece bonus can give you a great boost to Spell and Weapon Damage and help you defeat your enemies faster. To proc the effect you have to drink a potion during combat. Because of this condition you will have to use the potion at the right time for the effect to help you win the fight.

It can be a very strong set when used properly and complement any type of Build since you can craft it in every weight, Light, Medium and Heavy.

Clever Alchemist Location

On the map below you can see the location of the Set’s Crafting Stations in Hew’s Bane!

clever alchemist
Clever Alchemist Location


These are a few Builds that can use effectively this Set:

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