Destructive Impact ESO

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Destructive Impact

Destructive Impact is an Ability Altering Set in ESO, obtainable from the Dragonstar Arena.

Destructive Impact
2 items: Reduces the cost of Destructive Touch by 10% and increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 600 for 4 seconds after activating it.

Set Info

  • Type: Arena
  • Location: Dragonstar Arena
  • DLC: No DLC
  • Style: High Elf, Dark Elf, Nord

Destructive Impact Set Description

This is a special Ability Altering Set, obtainable from the Dragonstar Arena. The Set belongs to a special category of Sets called Dragonstar or Master Weapons, that represent a category of in-game weapons each. This is basically The Master’s Destruction Staff, available as a random drop from defeating the last boss of the Dragonstar Arena in normal difficulty. The staff is available in every version, Frost, Fire and Lightning.

The Set reduces the cost of Destructive Touch and increases your Weapon and Spell Damage after activating it. It requires the use of the Destruction Staff ability, Destructive Touch or its Morphs. A useful set for Magicka DPS Builds that use the Destructive Touch skill and its morphs. Depending on the morph, the set can be helpful to PVE Builds, trying to increase their DPS or PVP Builds, trying to boost their burst damage. The Staff drops from the Dragonstar Arena, a four-man Arena located at the zone of Craglorn, in normal difficulty which makes it harder to “farm”. No DLC is required to access the arena.


These are some powerful Builds that can use this Set effectively:

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