Duneripper’s Scales is a Heavy Armor Set in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Duneripper's Scales
2 items: Adds 1206 Maximum Health
3 items: Adds 4% Healing Taken
4 items: Adds 4% Healing Taken
5 items: While you are blocking, your Physical and Spell Resistance are increased by 5310.

Duneripper’s Scales Set Info

Type: Heavy Armor Set

Location: Volenfell, Normal and Veteran


Style : Primal


The Set is available as a drop in the Volenfell Dungeon in normal and veteran difficulty.

The Set’s bonuses boost your Maximum Health and Healing Taken. With its fifth piece bonus while you are blocking, your Physical and Spell Resistance are increased by 5310.

A decent Starter Tank Set for new players that want to learn how to play as Tanks in The Elder Scrolls Online. A selfish Tank Set with nothing to offer to your group that you should replace as soon as you become familiar with the role. A good option to start tanking until you can farm and wear better gear, like the Ebon Armory Set.

The set’s bonuses could make it a useful option for Tanky PVP Builds as well. The truth though is that there are several other ways to boost your Spell and Physical Resistance so using the fifth piece bonus of a set for this, feels like a waste.

Also the trigger condition to proc the effect is not that useful in PVP, since you only get the bonus when you are blocking.

Unique Set Pieces

Duneripper Ancient Crown – Helmet

Tremorscale’s Tooth – Greatsword

Ancient Imperial Hammer – Mace

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