Endurance is a 3-Piece Armor Set in The Elder Scrolls Online.

2 items: Adds 1928 Maximum Health
3 items: Adds 618 Health Recovery

Endurance Set Info

Type: 3-Piece Set

Location: Dungeon-Finder Reward, Imperial City

DLC : No DLC/Imperial City

Style : Xivkyn


This Set is available as a reward by completing a random normal or veteran dungeon through the Dungeon-Finder.

You can also acquire Set Pieces by exchanging Key Fragments in Imperial City Vaults.

Endurance is only available as Weapons and Jewelry. Often used in Starter Builds or to boost your Maximum Health and Health Recovery.

The Set adds 1928 Maximum Health and 618 Health Recovery. Very easy set to acquire by simply completing a random normal or veteran dungeon every day.

You can use its pieces as a support, secondary Tank set or to boost your Health and Health Recovery in Tanky PVP Builds.

It can often be used in PVE or PVP Builds along with other Ability Altering Weapons/Sets.