Flame Lash ESO

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Flame Lash

Flame Lash is a Dragonknight Class Ability, found in the Ardent Flame Skill line. A potent close combat spammable for Magicka Dragonknights that can deal damage and heal.

Flame Lash
Target: Enemy

Base Skill: Lava Whip
Lash an enemy with flame, dealing 2323 Flame Damage. If you strike an enemy that is immobilized or stunned, you set them Off Balance. Targeting an Off Balance or immobilized enemy changes this ability into Power Lash, allowing you to lash an enemy at half cost to deal 2760 Flame Damage and heal you for 2760 Health.

Flame Lash is a morph of the Lava Whip base skill. The other morph is Molten Whip.