Force Pulse ESO

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Force Pulse

Force Pulse is a Destruction Staff line skill and a morph of the Force Shock base skill. It deals Elemental and Magic damage, which makes it a good option to use against several types of enemies.

Force Pulse
Instant Cast
Target: Enemy

Base Skill: Force Shock

Focus all the elemental energies with your staff and blast an enemy for 696 Flame Damage, 696 Frost Damage, and 696 Shock Damage. Up to 2 nearby enemies will take 2399 Magic Damage if they were already afflicted with Burning, Chilled, or Concussed status effects.

Force Pulse works mostly as a spammable for PVE Builds but can be useful in PVP as well. Its base skill is Force Shock and the other morph is called Crushing Shock.