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Gaze of Sithis

Gaze of Sithis is a Mythic Item in ESO. A powerful Mythic Item for PVP Builds! For a Leads Location Guide you can take a look at my Gaze Leads Guide.

Gaze of Sithis
Mythic Item
1 item: Adds 3276 Maximum Health
1 item: Adds 1025 Health Recovery
1 item: Adds 4000 Armor
1 item: Reduces your Block Mitigation to 0

Gaze of Sithis Info

  • Type: Mythic – Heavy Head
  • Location: Antiquities Reward
  • DLC: Greymoor – Blackwood

Gaze of Sithis Description

This Set is available as an Antiquities Reward. To be able to acquire the item through Antiquities, the Greymoor Chapter is required. Mythic Items are special, Ability Altering One-item Sets, acquired only through the activity of Antiquities. These items can grant special abilities or effects to your builds and make them more effective for a specific role.

This item adds Maximum Health, Health Recovery and Armor but reduces your Block Mitigation to 0. Good option to boost your defense at the cost of not being able to block damage. A Great Set for PVP mostly Builds!


These are some powerful Builds that can use this Mythic Set effectively:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which DLC Do You need to get Gaze of Sithis in ESO?

The Greymoor DLC is required for the Antiquities System in ESO! To Get the Gaze of Sithis Mythic Item you also need the Blackwood DLC, Thieves Guild DLC & Shadows of the Hist DLC! For a complete list of Leads Locations, you can check this Leads Guide!

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