Hircine’s Rage ESO

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Hircine’s Rage

Hircine’s Rage is a World ability, found in the Werewolf Skill Line.

Hircine's Rage
Instant Cast
Target: Self

Base Skill: Hircine's Bounty
Invoke the Huntsman's blessing, healing you for 6197 Health. This portion of the ability scales off your Maximum Health. If you are at full Health you instead restore 3000 Stamina and gain Major Berserk, increasing your damage done by 10% for 10 seconds but you also take 5% more damage.
While slotted you gain Major Brutality and Sorcery, increasing your Weapon and Spell Damage by 20%.

Hircine’s Rage is a morph of the Hircine’s Bounty base skill. The other morph is Hircine’s Fortitude.