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Mother’s Sorrow

Mother’s Sorrow is a Light, Overland Armor Set in ESO. A strong Set for Magicka based but also Hybrid Builds!

Mother's Sorrow
2 Items: Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
3 Items: Adds 657 Critical Chance
4 Items: Adds 657 Critical Chance
5 Items: Adds 1528 Critical Chance

Set Info

  • Type: Light Armor Set
  • Location: Deshaan
  • DLC: No DLC
  • Style: Argonian

Set Description

The Set is available as an Overland Drop in the Deshaan zone. This Set boosts your Maximum Magicka and Critical Chance. Its fifth piece bonus further boosts your Critical Chance.

A perfect Magicka DPS Set for PVE Builds that are trying to boost their overall Critical Chance and Damage. Not a great option for PVP Builds. One of the most popular Magicka based Armor Sets in the game because it can be effective against solo targets and groups of enemies.

Where to Farm

Overland Sets pieces drop from different enemies:

  • Delve Bosses have a chance to drop a waist or feet piece.
  • Overland World Bosses will always drop a Head, Chest, Legs or Weapon Piece.
  • Public Dungeon Bosses have a chance to drop a Shoulders, Hand or Weapon piece.
  • Dolmen Chests will always drop a Ring or Necklace.
  • Treasure Chests and Psijic Portals have a chance to drop any piece.


These are a few Builds that can use effectively this Set:

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