Netch’s Touch

Netch’s Touch is a Light Armor Set in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Netch's Touch
2 Items: Adds 657 Critical Chance
3 Items: Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
4 Items: Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
5 Items: Adds 400 Weapon and Spell Damage to your Shock Damage abilities.

Netch’s Touch Set Info

Type: Light Armor Set

Location: Darkshade Caverns I & II, Normal and Veteran


Style : Barbaric


The Set is available as a drop in the Darkshade Caverns I & II Dungeons. No DLC is required to access the Dungeons.

The Set’s bonuses boost your Critical Chance, Maximum Magicka, Weapon and Spell Damage. Its fifth piece bonus adds Weapon and Spell Damage to your Shock Damage abilities.

A Magicka DPS Armor Set for Classes and Builds that rely a lot on Shock Damage. Mostly a starter Magicka DPS Set that can help Sorcerers to boost damage on a dedicated Shock Damage based build. The set is more useful in PVE gameplay and for easier content. Other sets with overall better special effect will replace it in harder content and in more balanced builds.

Its 2 to 4 piece bonuses however can be very useful for every Magicka based Build and assist with better offense and Magicka sustain.

The set is available with the base game and relatively easy to farm, since it drops from the Darkshade Caverns I & Darkshade Caverns II Dungeons, in Normal and Veteran difficulty.