Night Mother’s Embrace is a Medium, Overland Set in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Night Mother's Embrace
2 Items: Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
3 Items: Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
4 Items: Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
5 Items: Adds 171 Weapon and Spell Damage
5 items:
Reduces the radius you can be detected while Sneaking by 2 meters. Reduces the cost of Sneak by 25%.

Night Mother’s Embrace Set Info

Type: Medium Armor Set

Location: Deshaan


Style : Thieves Guild


The Set is available as an Overland Drop around the Deshaan zone.

Its bonuses boost your Maximum Stamina, Stamina Recovery and Damage. Its fifth piece bonus adds more Damage and reduces the radius you can be detected while Sneaking. Also reduces the cost of Sneak.

A solid Stamina DPS Set for PVE or PVP Builds. Its bonuses boost your damage and Stamina sustain, making it easier to kill enemies.

Its special effect, the ability to reduce detection when sneaking and reduce the cost of sneak, makes this set a must have for every Thief Build in game.

This effect will also be of great use to gank, melee or bow PVP Builds, trying to approach their target stealthed.

Where to Farm

Overland Sets pieces drop from different enemies.

Delve Bosses have a chance to drop a waist or feet piece.

Overland World Bosses will always drop a Head, Chest, Legs or Weapon Piece.

Public Dungeon Bosses have a chance to drop a Shoulders, Hand or Weapon piece.

Dolmen Chests will always drop a Ring or Necklace.

Treasure Chests and Psijic Portals have a chance to drop any piece.

Unique Set Pieces

Ordinator Breastplate – Chest

Ordinator Chausses – Legs

Ordinator Helm – Helmet

Snakeskin Belt – Waist

Kwama Mining Gloves – Hands

Dungeon-Delving Mittens of the Night Mother – Hands

Abomination’s Bulwark of the Night Mother – Shield

Naryu’s Sniper’s Bow – Bow

Naryu’s Spare Blade – Sword

Sharpfang’s Jagged Blade of the Night Mother – Dagger

Bonetooth’s Charm of the Night Mother – Necklace


Cloak and Dagger Nightblade Thief Build