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Perfect Mender’s Ward

Perfect Mender’s Ward is an Ability Altering Set in ESO, obtainable from the Blackrose Prison Arena.

Perfect Mender's Ward
Arena Set
2 items: Adds 103 Magicka Recovery
2 items: Steadfast Ward applies Major Vitality to your target for 4 seconds, increasing the Healing Taken on your target by 16%.

Mender’s Ward Set Info

  • Type: Arena
  • Location: Blackrose Prison Arena Veteran
  • DLC: Murkmire
  • Style: Argonian


Mender’s Ward is a special Ability Altering Set, obtainable from the Blackrose Prison Arena. The Set belongs to a special category of Sets called Blackrose Weapons, that represent a category of in-game weapons each. This is basically The Blackrose Restoration Staff, available as a random drop from defeating the last boss of the Blackrose Prison Arena in Veteran Difficulty.

The Set adds Magicka Recovery and makes the skill Steadfast Ward and its Morphs to apply Major Vitality to your target, increasing the Healing Taken on your target. To benefit from this Set you must use the Steadfast Ward Restoration Staff Skill or its Morphs. Better suited for PVP Builds, that utilize a Restoration Staff on their back-bar. Nemesis is a fine example of a PVP Build that could use the Steadfast Ward skill and Mender’s Ward Set combination effectively.

The Set has a normal and a Perfect Version. Its Perfect Version adds Magicka Recovery and drops from the Blackrose Prison Arena in Veteran difficulty. A great Restoration Staff to bear in PVP Builds that rely on the Steadfast Ward skill and its morphs to keep you or your group alive. The set can be effective in PVE as well but it shines in PVP.

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