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Perfected Titanic Cleave is an Ability Altering Set in The Elder Scrolls Online, obtainable from the Dragonstar Arena.

Perfected Titanic Cleave
2 items: Adds 1190 Offensive Penetration
2 items: Increases the direct damage Cleave deals by 1550 for each enemy in its cone.

Perfected Titanic Cleave Set Info

Type: Arena

Location: Veteran Dragonstar Arena


Style: Redguard, Orc, Dark Elf


This is a special Ability Altering Set, obtainable from the Dragonstar Arena.

The Set belongs to a special category of Sets called Dragonstar or Master Weapons, that represent a category of in-game weapons each.

This is basically The Master’s Two Handed, available as a random drop from defeating the last boss of the Dragonstar Arena in veteran difficulty. The set is available as an Battle Axe, Greatsword and Maul.

This set adds Offensive Penetration and increases the direct damage Cleave deals for each enemy in its cone.

The set requires the use of the Two Handed ability, Cleave or its Morphs.

Because of its special effect, it will be more useful as a Stamina DPS Set for PVE or PVP. PVE Builds will benefit a lot when facing multiple enemies. Decent option to clear areas with a lot of groups fast, like Public Dungeons or Dungeons.

The set drops from the Dragonstar Arena, a four-man Arena located at the zone of Craglorn, in Veteran difficulty which makes it harder to “farm”.

It is available with the base game.