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Pirate Skeleton

Pirate Skeleton is a Monster Set in ESO.

Pirate Skeleton
Monster Set
1 item: Adds 1487 Armor
2 items: When you take damage to your Health, you transform into a skeleton and gain Major Protection and Minor Defile for 15 seconds, reducing your damage taken by 10% but reducing your healing received and damage shield strength by 6%. This effect can occur once every 20 seconds.

Set Info

  • Type: Monster Set
  • Head – Veteran Blackheart Haven
  • Shoulders – Glirion the Redbeard
  • DLC: No DLC

Set Description

This is a defensive Monster Set for Stamina DPS Builds. Monster Sets have only Head and Shoulders pieces that provide unique bonuses. The head is available as a drop from the final boss in Veteran Blackheart Haven. No DLC is required to access the Dungeon. You can get the Shoulders from Glirion the Redbeard with Undaunted Keys. You can wear both pieces to get the full set bonus or combine one piece with another piece from another Monster Set.

The set adds Armor and when you take damage to your Health, you transform into a skeleton and gain Major Protection and Minor Defile. This effect can occur once every 20 seconds. A defensive Monster Set that can help Stamina DPS Builds in PVP mostly.

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