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Relentless Focus

Relentless Focus is a Nightblade Class skill, found in the Assassination Skill Line. A valuable support skill for every Stamina based Nightblade.

Relentless Focus
Target: Self

Base Skill: Grim Focus
When Slotted on either bar, you focus with lethal intent, causing your Light and Heavy Attacks to generate a stack of Relentless Focus, increasing your Weapon and Spell Damage by 80 up to 5 times.  Fully-charged Heavy Attacks grant two stacks. When at full stacks, you can consume them all to fire a spectral arrow to deal 4182 Disease Damage, and heal for 33% of the damage dealt if you are within melee range.

Relentless Focus is a morph of the Grim Focus base skill. The other morph is Merciless Resolve.