Seventh Legion Brute is a Heavy Armor Set in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Seventh Legion Brute
2 items: Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
3 items: Adds 129 Health Recovery
4 items: Adds 657 Critical Chance
5 items: When you cast an ability that increases your Physical or Spell Resistance while in combat, you gain 341 Weapon and Spell Damage and 341 Health Recovery for 15 seconds. This effect can occur every 15 seconds.

Seventh Legion Brute Set Info

Type: Heavy Armor Set

Location: Bangkorai


Style : Orc


The Set is available as an Overland Drop in the Bangkorai zone.

The Set’s bonuses boost your Weapon and Spell Damage, Critical Chance and Health Recovery. With its fifth piece bonus when you cast an ability that increases your Physical or Spell Resistance while in combat, you gain Weapon and Spell Damage and Health Recovery.

The set is good for “Tanky” PVP Builds that have a skill to increase their Physical or Spell Resistance. Dragonknights can use this set effectively and reliably.

Where to Farm

Overland Sets pieces drop from different enemies.

Delve Bosses have a chance to drop a waist or feet piece.

Overland World Bosses will always drop a Head, Chest, Legs or Weapon Piece.

Public Dungeon Bosses have a chance to drop a Shoulders, Hand or Weapon piece.

Dolmen Chests will always drop a Ring or Necklace.

Treasure Chests and Psijic Portals have a chance to drop any piece.

Unique Set Pieces

Seventh Legion’s Ayleid Breastplate – Chest

Cuirass of the Defender – Chest

Greaves of Evermore – Legs

Seventh Legion’s Lava-Charred Greaves – Legs

Seventh Legion Gauntlets – Hands

Shore’s Edge – Sword

The Negotiator – Battle Axe

Greatshield of Bangkorai – Shield

Seventh Legion’s the Wolfguard – Shield

Seventh Legion’s Conjured Oath-Band – Ring

A Cheap Trinket – Ring


Unbroken Stamina Dragonknight PVP Build