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Special Resistance Magic Garb

Special Resistance Magic Garb is an Epic Top Chest piece, that belongs to the Armor Gear type!

Special Resistance Magic Garb
Melee Defense: 162
Ranged Defense: 144
Max Health: 545
Mana Regen: 52.5
3 Traits

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How to Get Special Resistance Magic Garb Armor in Throne and Liberty

This is a craftable Chest that you can get its Litograph as a reward for completing the Chapter 10: Nightmare Deja Vu of the main story! Additionally you can get the Litograph by completing the “Outfit that bears Raging Magic” achievement in your Litograph Book. You can also get this Litograph as a random drop from Mystic Portals or by defeating Grayclaw Fighter and Gray Lycan Fighter enemies in the Grayclaw Forest area.