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Tzogvin’s Warband

Tzogvin’s Warband is a Medium, Dungeon Set in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Tzogvin's Warband
2 Items: Adds 657 Critical Chance
3 Items: Adds 657 Critical Chance
4 Items: Adds 1487 Offensive Penetration
5 Items: When you deal Critical Damage, you gain a stack of Precision, increasing your Critical Chance by 177  for 5 seconds, up to 10 stacks max. At max stacks, you also gain Minor Force, increasing your Critical Damage done by 10%. This effect can occur once every half second.

Tzogvin’s Warband Set Info

Type: Medium Armor Set

Location: Frostvault Dungeon, Normal and Veteran

DLC : Wrathstone

Style : Coldsnap


The Set is available as a drop in the Frostvault Dungeon.

To gain access to the Frostvault Dungeon you must own the Wrathstone DLC.

The Set’s bonuses boost your Critical Chance and Offensive Penetration. Its fifth piece bonus grants you a stack of Precision when you deal Critical Damage, further increasing your Critical Chance.

At max stacks, you also gain Minor Force, increasing your Critical Damage done.

A good DPS Armor Set for Stamina and Magicka Builds that can provide you with the Minor Force buff and boost your Critical Chance. Tzogvin’s Warband is a great set to use to replace skills like Trap Beast from the Fighters Guild Skill Line and free one slot in your bars.

Like this you can use another offensive ability and still get the important Minor Force buff for your character.