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Veil of Blades

Veil of Blades is a Nightblade Class skill, found in the Shadow Skill Line. A Support Ultimate for Nightblades.

Veil of Blades
200 Ultimate
Instant Cast
Target: Area

Base Skill: Consuming Darkness
Conjure a ring of shadow, reducing the Movement Speed of enemies by 70%, dealing 1079 Magic Damage to them every 1 second, and granting you and your allies Major Protection, reducing your damage taken by 10%. Allies in the area can activate the Hidden Refresh synergy, granting them invisibility, increasing their Movement Speed by 70%, and healing them for 9110 Health over 4 seconds.

Veil of Blades is a morph of the Consuming Darkness base skill. The other morph is Bolstering Darkness.