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Agony Totem

Agony Totem is a Necromancer Class Skill, found in the Bone Tyrant Skill Line. A defensive skill, that boosts protection and assist with crowd control. Good for PVE tanks and PVP Builds.

Agony Totem
Instant Cast
Target: Area

Base Skill: Bone Totem
Summon an effigy of bone at your feet for 13 seconds that gives Minor Protection to you and your allies, reducing your damage taken by 5%. After 2 seconds, the totem begins fearing nearby enemies every 2 seconds, causing them to cower in place for 4 seconds. Allies can activate Pure Agony, causing enemies to take 2100 Magic Damage over 5 seconds and applying Minor Vulnerability to them, increasing their damage taken by 5%.

Agony Totem is a morph of the Bone Totem base skill. The other morph is Remote Totem.