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Block Blade

Block Blade is a Dagger Weapon Skill in Throne and Liberty.

block blade
Block Blade
Cost: 35
Cooldown: 1m

Type: Mobility
Defends against attacks. On defending against a Fury Attack with Block Blade while stationary, 132 Mana regenerates. On defending against a Fury Attack within 0.5s, Block Blade changes to Poison Dagger for 3s.
Use with the directional buttons to defend against attacks while moving 4m to the designated direction for 0.5s. Becomes Stealthed for 3s to make yourself unable to be targeted and increase Mana Regen by 330 after defending against Fury Attack. Block Blade changes to Poison Dagger. The first attack while Stealthed is a Critical Hit. Stealth ends when you attack or morph.
Poison Dagger - Throws up to 5 daggers at enemies within a 5m-radius, dealing 100% damage and applying Weaken: Poison. Distributes the attack if there are multiple enemies within range.
Mana Regen increase
330 / 400 / 470 / 540 / 610
Mana Recovery increase
132 / 160 / 188 / 216 / 244
Rare: On defending against a Heavy Attack, Mana Regen increases by an additional 820 and Mana Recovery increases by an additional 328.
Epic: On defending against a Heavy Attack, Move Speed increases by 37%.

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