General’s Charge Boots Throne and Liberty

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General’s Charge Boots

General’s Charge Boots is an Epic Shoes piece, that belongs to the Armor Gear type!

General's Charge Boots
Melee Defense: 165
Ranged Defense: 165
Strength: 4
Move Speed: +2%
3 Traits
Part of Imperator Set

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How to Get General’s Charge Boots in Throne and Liberty

You can get General’s Charge Boots as a potential reward for completing the Temple of Slaughter Level 50 Dungeon! You need at least 300 Contract Tokens: Dimension to have a chance for a reward after defeating the Last Boss and completing the Dungeon. You can also get the Boots as a random reward by defeating the Orc Soldier type of enemies in the Fonos Basin area. For TL Builds and Guides you can take a look at my Throne and Liberty Builds and Guides Page!

Imperator Set Gear

The Boots are part of the Imperator Set in Throne and Liberty. This Set also includes:

  • General’s Fury Headgear(Head)
  • General’s Thunder Heart(Chest)
  • General’s Frenzy Gloves(Gloves)
  • General’s Melee Gaiters(Legs)