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Inferno Wave

Inferno Wave is a Staff Weapon Skill in Throne and Liberty.

Inferno Wave
Cost: 250
Cooldown: 18s

Type: Attack
A Fire skill that deals damage equal to 280% of Base Damage + 70 to all enemies within 3m of the Target. Deals Bonus Damage equal to 10% of Base Damage(per stack) to all Burning targets within range, with a 70% chance to apply Weaken: Burning. Every time a hit becomes a heavy attack on a target that you have burned, 2 stacks of Weaken: Burning are applied to all enemies within range.
Damage increase
280% + 70 / 280% + 80 / 280% + 90 / 280% + 100 / 280% + 110
Epic: Bonus damage dealt by every stack of Burning increases to 32% of Base Damage.

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