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Throne and Liberty Staff Skills

Staff Skills are Throne and Liberty Weapon Skills that will help you create powerful Builds in the game! Throne and Liberty is using a classless system where players can combine skills from two different weapons to create powerful Builds and fulfill the various roles of the game. Weapon Skills synergize together in Throne and Liberty to offer a unique gameplay experience for every player. Not all Weapons are good to combine together however.

There are seven available Weapons in Throne and Liberty. Each Weapon offers a selection of skills that can help you create your own personal Build for the role you wish to fulfill(DPS, Tank or Healer). The available Weapons are:

The Skills you can find in every Weapon category are divided in ActivePassive and DefenseActive are the skills you can use while in combat to deal damage, buff, debuff or heal a target. They are the core of your abilities and will help you advance in the game. Passive abilities are always active and provide your character with specific effects that further assist and complement your Build. Defense skills are defensive abilities that help you survive attacks and provide additional helpful effects to your character. There is one more category of skills, which are none other than the basic attack skill of every weapon.

Each Weapon has ten(10) Active Skillseight(8) Passive Skillsone(1) basic Attack skill and one(1)defense skill. To create a Build you pick the two Weapons you wish to combine together and choose twelve(12) Active and eight(8) Passive skills. One of the weapons will be your main and your base attack skill will be its base attack. Finally you can also pick one Defense skill to complete the Build. To unlock some skills you will need to participate in Resistance Events!

Staff Skills List in Throne and Liberty

The Staff is a powerful Mage weapon that gives you access to strong Elemental skills. A ranged DPS Weapon that works well with Wand and Tome. Below you can find all Active and Passive abilities for the Staff Weapon.


Chain Lightning
ActiveA Lightning skill that deals 370% of Base Damage + 78 damage. Deals 2% increased damage per stack against a target that you applied Burning. Damage transfers to other enemies within a 5m radius from the target up to 3 times if the target is wet. Damage decreases by 20% every time it transfers, and it will not transfer to a target already affected.
Rare: When you are Wet, Cooldown decreases by 40%.
Epic: Additional Damage increase by 4% to targets afflicted with Burning

High Locus
ActiveIncreases Cooldown Speed by 58% and Move Speed by 22% for 12s.

Ice Spear
ActiveFires an ice spear that pierces the target in the designated direction, dealing 330% of Base Damage + 64 damage with a 80% chance of Enfeeble that decreases Move Speed by 51% for 3s.

Icebound Tomb
ActiveDeals 160% of Base Damage + 18 damage with a 80% chance to Petrification: Freeze the target for 7.9s (15.8s for monsters). Has a 80% chance to Enfeeble that decreases Move Speed by 51% for 4s within 3m around the target.

Infernal Meteor
ActiveA Fire skill that deals 990% of Base Damage + 110 damage and has a 0% chance to inflict Collision: Push to all enemies within 4m. Additionally creates a zone that inflicts 13% of Base Damage + 22050 damage per second and has a 70% chance to apply Enfeeble: Burning for 0s.

Inferno Wave
ActiveA Fire skill that deals 280% of Base Damage + 110 damage to all enemies within 3m from the Target. Additionally deals 10% of Base Damage(per stack) to all enemies within the range if used against a target that you inflicted Burning with a 70% chance to apply Enfeeble: Burning.
Epic: Bonus damage dealt by every stack of Burning increases to 32% of Base Damage.

Inner Peace
ActiveIncreases Mana Regen by 760% for 6s. The skill becomes disabled if you move. The increase is doubled if you're wet. Mana Cost Efficiency increases by 76% for 6s after the skill is over if you're not wet.
Epic: Cooldown decreases to 60s

Judgment Lightning
ActiveA Lightning skill that deals 780% of Base Damage + 356 damage. Deals 520% of Base Damage + 237 damage to up to 5 enemies within 5m radius area, if the target is wet. This skill can be used maximum of 2 more times within 10s if it's used against a target with Enfeeble: Burning that you applied and the probability of skill recast goes up by 2.5% per stack.

Serial Fire Bombs
ActiveA Fire skill that deals 110% of Base Damage + 65 damage and inflicts Enfeeble: Burning with a 80% chance. Burning lasts for 12s and deals 1% of Base Damage + 4 damage (per stack) per second. Stacks up to 10 times. It can be used up to 3 times in a row. The casting time decreases and Mana cost increases as the skill is used consecutively. All Fire skills Enfeeble: Burning damage is equal to Serial Flame Bombs.
Rare: Burning stacks increase by 1 on Critical Hit
Epic: Apply 2 stacks of Burning with a single attack

Smokescreening Frost
ActiveCreates a 4m radius zone that lasts for 3s and teleports backwards for 8m. The Move Speed of enemies within the area decreases by 22%.
Rare: Changes to a Charge Skill that can be charged up to 2 times
The zone Duration increases to 5s

Mystic Shield
DefenseDefends against an attack. On defending against a Fury Attack within 0.5s, deals damage equal to 120% of Base Damage +12  to the attacker, and 10% additional damage against Burning enemies. Creates a Damage over Time area within a 3m radius from the target, dealing 10% per second to all enemies in the area if the target is Wet or frosted(by you). Stacks Flowing Mana up to 3 times each time you defend against a Fury Attack, which lasts for 10s.
Flowing Mana - Grants the following effects to the skills you use and disappears:
For Lightning skills, Critical Hit increases by 20% per stack.
For Fire skills, applies additionally Enfeeble: Burning per stack to the target.
For other skills, Mana cost decreases by 6% per stack.
Lv.1 - Lv.5
Damage increase
120% + 12 / 120% + 18 / 120% + 25/ 120% + 31 / 120% + 37
Rare: Mana Regen increases by 33, added to Flowing Mana
Epic: On defending against a Fury Attack within 0.5s, restores 10% of Max Mana

PassiveMana Regen increases by 35. Remaining still for 4s, additionally applies Mana Regen + 70. Lasts for 2s after you move. Using Mobility skills will not end the effect.
Rare: The stand-still time required for additional Mana Regen decreases to 3s.
Epic: Melee, Ranged, Magic Critical Hit increases by 100 with additional Mana Regen.

Echoic Barrier
PassiveWhen Silenced, the Silence Duration decreases by 2s. If either Silence, Bind, Sleep is applied the resistance for the applied effect increases by 640 for 9s.

Flame Condensation

PassiveIncreases Burning damage by 57%.
Epic: Heavy Attack Chance increases by 10 per stack of Burning.

Forbidden Sanctuary
PassiveMana Cost Efficiency decreases by 15% and Still Damage Boost increase by 140.

Janice's Authority
PassiveDecreases the Skill Cooldown if a single attack damages more than two targets. 7.5% for 2 targets, 15% for 3 targets and 22.5% for 4 targets. This effect is not applied to toggle skills.

Lord of Frost
PassiveMove Speed reduction effects decrease Move Speed further by 8%, with 16% increased duration.

Mana Amp
PassiveMax Mana increases by 2660.
Epic: Max Health increases by 1200.

Manaball Eruption
PassiveShoots an additional Magic Orb that deals 60% of Base Damage with a 5% chance when Staves or Wands that shoots Magic Orbs are used. The chance increases by 0.014% per 1 Mana Regen.
Rare: Damage increases to 100% of Base Damage
Epic: Damage increases to 150% of Base Damage

You can use the above Skills, in order to create powerful Builds in Throne and Liberty! For TL Builds and Guides you can take a look at my Throne and Liberty Builds and Guides Page!

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