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Leadership Starfield

Leadership is a Social Skill in Starfield that increases the effectiveness of your Companions in and out of Combat!

1. Companions gain affinity 25% faster.
2. Companions have 50 more health and 50kg more carrying capacity
3. Companions will occasionally heal you when you get low health.
4. Doubles the bonuses of Combat and Physical Crew Skills Companions. Companions have a chance to pick themselves up from a downed state.

To unlock each Rank of the Skill above rank 1, you need to complete a challenge. The challenges for the Leadership Ranks are:

  • Rank 1: Sprint 1000 meters with an active follower.
  • Rank 2: Sprint 2500 meters with an active follower.
  • Rank 3: Sprint 5000 meters with an active follower.

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