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Mystic Shield

Mystic Shield is a Staff Weapon Skill in Throne and Liberty.

Mystic Shield
Cost: 35
Cooldown: 2s

Type: Survival
Defends against an attack. On defending against a Fury Attack within 0.5s, deals damage equal to 120% of Base Damage +12  to the attacker, and 10% additional damage against Burning enemies. Creates a Damage over Time area within a 3m radius from the target, dealing 10% per second to all enemies in the area if the target is Wet or frosted(by you). Stacks Flowing Mana up to 3 times each time you defend against a Fury Attack, which lasts for 10s.
Flowing Mana - Grants the following effects to the skills you use and disappears:
For Lightning skills, Critical Hit increases by 20% per stack.
For Fire skills, applies additionally Weaken: Burning per stack to the target.
For other skills, Mana cost decreases by 6% per stack.
Lv.1 - Lv.5
Damage increase
120% + 12 / 120% + 18 / 120% + 25/ 120% + 31 / 120% + 37
Rare: Mana Regen increases by 33, added to Flowing Mana
Epic: On defending against a Fury Attack within 0.5s, restores 10% of Max Mana

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