Purifying Light ESO

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Purifying Light

Purifying Light is a Templar Class Ability, found in the Dawn’s Wrath Skill Line.

Purifying Light
Instant Cast
Target: Enemy

Base Skill: Backlash
Summon an expanding beam of pure sunlight to doom an enemy, dealing 1161 Magic Damage immediately and marking them for 6 seconds. After the duration ends, the sunlight bursts, dealing 1285 Magic Damage to the enemy, which increases based on the amount of damage you dealt to them over the duration, up to 200%. Also heals you and nearby allies in the area for 599 Health every 2 seconds, over 10 seconds. You can have only one Purifying Light active at a time.

Purifying Light is a morph of the Backlash base skill. The other morph Power of the Light.