Sharpshooting Starfield Skill

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Sharpshooting Starfield

Sharpshooting is a Combat Skill in Starfield, that increases Critical Damage with ranged weapons in the game!

1. Increase headshot critical damage by 50% with ranged weapons.
2. Increase critical damage to enemy legs by 50% with ranged weapons.
3. Increase all critical damage to enemies by 50% with ranged weapons.
4. Ranged critical hit kills increase your critical hit chance with all ranged weapons by 25% for 20 seconds.

To unlock each Rank of the Skill above rank 1, you need to complete a challenge. The challenges for the Sharpshooting Ranks are:

  • Rank 1: Deal 50 ranged critical hits.
  • Rank 2: Deal 125 ranged critical hits.
  • Rank 3: Deal 250 ranged critical hits.

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