Sniper Certification Starfield Skill

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Sniper Certification Starfield

Sniper Certification is a Combat Skill in Starfield, that increases the efficiency of Scoped Weapons in the game!

Sniper Certification
1. Scoped weapons are steadier and have less sway.
2. You can hold your breath longer with scoped weapons.
3. Headshots while aiming with a scoped weapon have a +25% critical hit chance.
4. Scoped weapons do 50% more damage while using the scope.

To unlock each Rank of the Skill above rank 1, you need to complete a challenge. The challenges for the Sniper Certification Ranks are:

  • Rank 1: Kill 50 enemies using a scoped weapon.
  • Rank 2: Kill 125 enemies using a scoped weapon.
  • Rank 3: Kill 250 enemies using a scoped weapon.

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