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The Languid Eye

The Languid Eye is an Arcanist Skill, found in the Herald of the Tome skill line.

The Languid Eye
175 Ultimate
Target: Enemy

Base Skill: The Unblinking Eye
Tear open the fabric of the Aurbis to summon a scion of Hermaeus Mora. This being casts forth a beam that rends asunder reality for 6 seconds that deals 1115 Magic Damage to enemies within 5 meters every 0.5 seconds and snares them by 50% for 3 seconds. Every 0.5 seconds, the beam's damage increases by 7%. The scion's beam can be repositioned by recasting The Languid Eye.

The Languid Eye is a morph of The Unblinking Eye base skill. The other morph is The Tide King’s Gaze.