Cephaliarch’s Flail ESO

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Cephaliarch’s Flail

Cephaliarch’s Flail is an Arcanist Skill, found in the Herald of the Tome skill line.

Cephaliarch's Flail
Target: Area

Base Skill: Abyssal Impact
Infuse your arm with abyssal magic to form tentacles that lash out at your foes, dealing 1939 Physical Damage, healing yourself for 969 and generating Crux. Enemies are immobilized for 3 seconds and marked with Abyssal Ink for 20 seconds. Deals up to 100% more damage to enemies with less than 50% Health. You deal 5% increased damage to enemies drenched in Abyssal Ink.

Cephaliarch’s Flail is a morph of Abyssal Impact base skill. The other morph is Tentacular Dread.