Tentacular Dread ESO

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Tentacular Dread

Tentacular Dread is an Arcanist Skill, found in the Herald of the Tome skill line.

Tentacular Dread
Target: Area

Base Skill: Abyssal Impact
Infuse your arm with abyssal magic to form tentacles that lash out at your foes, dealing 2002 Frost Damage and consuming all Crux. Enemies are immobilized for 3 seconds and marked with Abyssal Ink for 20 seconds. You deal 5% increased damage to enemies drenched in Abyssal Ink. Consume all Crux and increase Tentacular Dread damage by 20% and damage to foes drenched in Abyssal Ink by 2% per Crux spent.

Tentacular Dread is a morph of Abyssal Impact base skill. The other morph is Cephaliarch’s Flail.