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Codex of Power

The Codex of Power is a powerful tool in Diablo 4 that allows you to collect Legendary Aspects. You can later imprint those Aspects onto your gear, with the help of the Occultist, in order to boost your capabilities and unlock new effects for your skills! You can imprint the Aspects you collect in the Codex of Power onto Rare or Legendary items only. You cannot imprint them onto Unique Items! The Codex of Power contains only some of the available Aspects in the game. You will have to loot the others from enemies.

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Codex of Power Aspects Types and Gear

The Aspects you can collect in the codex belong to five different types. These are:

  • Defensive
  • Offensive
  • Resource
  • Utility
  • Mobility

Every type offers Class specific Aspects, as well as Aspects that every Diablo 4 Class can use. Each Aspect type can only be imprinted onto a specific piece of gear.

  • Defensive Aspects to Helmet, Chest, Pants, Amulet and Shields.
  • Offensive Aspects to Weapons, Gloves, Amulet.
  • Resource Aspects to Rings.
  • Utility Aspects to Helmet, Chest, Gloves, Boots, Amulet, Shields.
  • Mobility Aspects to Boots, Amulet.

Imprinting Aspects from the Codex has the drawback of always giving you the lowest possible roll of an Aspect. But it is a reliable way to gain the effect you are after!

How to Get Codex of Power Aspects in Diablo 4

Dungeons in Diablo 4 unlock a specific Aspect when you clear them for the first time! So by clearing Dungeons in the different zones around Sanctuary, rewards you with Aspects for your characters. The Codex of Power Aspects you unlock are Account wide and you can use them with any character.

codex of power
Dungeon Aspect on Map

Codex of Power Aspects

Your Codex Aspects are divided in the above five categories but they are also Class specific or available to all classes in Diablo 4. Below you can find all available Aspects for your Codex:

General Aspects

General Aspects are Aspects that every Diablo 4 Class can use! Below you can find all General Aspects in Diablo 4.

Aspect of Disobedience
DefensiveYou gain 0.25% increased Armor for 4 seconds when you deal any form of damage, stacking up to 15.0%.
Halls of the Damned-Kehjistan
Aspect of Inner Calm
OffensiveDeal 5% increased damage for each second you stand still, up to 30%.Raethwind Wilds-Scosglen
Aspect of Might
DefensiveBasic skills grant 20% damage reduction for 2.0 seconds.Dark Ravine-Dry Steppes
Aspect of Retribution
OffensiveDistant enemies have a 8% chance to be stunned for 2 seconds when they hit you. You deal 10% increased damage to Stunned enemies.
Abandoned Mineworks-Kehjistan
Aspect of Shared Misery
UtilityLucky Hit: When you hit a Crowd Controlled enemy, there is up to a 30% chance for that Crowd Control effect to spread to another unaffected enemy.Oblivion-Hawezar
Aspect of the Deflecting Barrier
DefensiveWhile you have a Barrier active, there is a 7% chance to ignore incoming direct damage from Distant enemies.Lost Keep-Hawezar
Aspect of the Expectant
OffensiveAttacking enemies with a Basic skill increases the damage of your next Core skill cast by 5%, up to 30%, for 5 seconds.
Aspect of the Protector
DefensiveDamaging an Elite enemy grants you a Barrier absorbing up to 62 damage for 10 seconds. This effect can only happen once every 30 seconds.
Lost Archives-Fractured Peaks
Aspect of the Umbral
ResourceRestore 1 of your Primary Resource when you Crowd Control an enemy.Champion's Demise-Dry Steppes
Edgemaster's Aspect
OffensiveSkills deal up to 10% increased damage based on your available Primary Resource when cast, receiving the maximum benefit while you have full Primary Resource.Oldstones-Scosglen
Eluding Aspect
UtilityBecoming Injured while Crowd Controlled grants you Unstoppable for 4 seconds. This effect has a 40 second Cooldown.
Caldera Gate-Fractured Peaks
Ghostwalker Aspect
MobilityWhile Unstoppable and for 4 seconds after, you gain 10% increased Movement Speed and can move freely through enemies.
Broken Bulwark-Scosglen
Needleflare Aspect
OffensiveThorns damage dealt has a 20% chance to deal damage to all enemies around you.Yshari Sanctum-Kehjistan
Rapid Aspect
OffensiveBasic Skills gain 15% Attack Speed.Buried Halls-Dry Steppes
Wind Striker Aspect
MobilityCritical Strikes grant 8% Movement Speed for 1 second, up to 6 seconds.
Shivta Ruins-Kehjistan

Barbarian Aspects

Barbarian Aspects are Aspects that only the Barbarian Class can use! Below you can find all Barbarian Aspects in Diablo 4.

Aspect of Ancestral Echoes
OffensiveLucky Hit: While Call of the Ancients is on your Action Bar, damaging enemies with Leap, Upheaval, or Whirlwind has up to a 50% chance to summon an Ancient to perform the same Skill. Ancient Reservoir-Hawezar
Aspect of Ancestral Force
OffensiveHammer of the Ancients quakes outward and its damage is increased by 5-15%. Sunken Ruins-Scosglen
Aspect of Anemia
UtilityLucky Hit: Direct damage against Bleeding enemies has up to a 20% chance to Stun them for 2 seconds. Kor Dragan Barracks-Fractured Peaks
Aspect of Berserk Ripping
OffensiveWhenever you deal direct damage while Berserking, inflict 20% of the base damage dealt as additional Bleeding damage over 5 seconds.
 Mournfield-Dry Steppes
Aspect of Bul-Kathos
DefensiveLeap creates an Earthquake that deals 32 Physical damage over 4 seconds. While standing in Earthquakes, you gain 15% increased Damage Reduction. Light's Refuge-Hawezar
Aspect of Echoing Fury
ResourceYou generate 6-10 Fury per second while any Shout Skill is active. Sirocco Caverns-Kehjistan
Aspect of Numbing Wrath
DefensiveEach point of Fury generated while at maximum Fury grants 0 Fortify. Heathen's Keep-Hawezar
Aspect of Perpetual Stomping
MobilityDamaging an enemy with Kick or Ground Stomp resets Leap's Cooldown.Charnel House-Dry Steppes
Aspect of Tempering Blows
DefensiveAfter Swapping weapons 6 times, gain 9 Fortify.Defiled Catacomb-Fractured Peaks
Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind
OffensiveWhirlwind's Critical Strike Chance is increased by 3% for each second it is channeled, up to 9%.Garan Hold-Scosglen
Aspect of the Iron Warrior
DefensiveIron Skin grants Unstoppable and 18% Damage Reduction.Carrion Fields-Dry Steppes
Aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster
ResourceGain 20% increased Fury Generation while all damage bonuses from the Walking Arsenal Key Passive are active.Calibel's Mine-Scosglen
Aspect of Unrelenting Fury
ResourceKilling an enemy or hitting a Boss with a Core Skill refunds 20% of its base Fury cost. Can only happen once per Skill cast.Hallowed Ossuary-Fractured Peaks
Brawler's Aspect
OffensiveEnemies damaged by Kick or Charge will explode if they are killed within the next 2 seconds, dealing 82 damage to surrounding enemies.Haunted Refuge-Hawezar
Death Wish Aspect
OffensiveGain 41 Thorns while Berserking.
Penitent Cairns-Scosglen
Earthstriker's Aspect
OffensiveAfter swapping weapons 8 times, your next non-Basic attack will Overpower and deal 30% increased Overpower damage.
Maugan's Works-Hawezar
Iron Blood Aspect
DefensiveGain 2.0% Damage Reduction for each nearby Bleeding enemy up to 10% maximum.
Forgotten Ruins-Kehjistan
Relentless Berserker's Aspect
UtilityLucky Hit: Damaging an enemy with a Core Skill has up to a 22% chance to extend the duration of Berserking by 2 second. Double this duration if it was a Critical Strike.Hakan's Refuge-Kehjistan
Slaking Aspect
ResourceLucky Hit: You have up to a 40% chance to gain 20 Fury when Rend deals direct damage to at least one Bleeding enemy.Maulwood-Fractured Peaks
Veteran Brawler's Aspect
OffensiveEach time a Core Skill deals direct damage to an enemy, your next Charge or Leap deals 15% increased damage, up to 225%.Heretics Asylum-Kehjistan

Druid Aspects

Druid Aspects are Aspects that only the Druid Class can use! Below you can find all Druid Aspects in Diablo 4.

Aspect of Cyclonic Force
DefensiveCyclone Armor also provides Physical Damage Reduction. In addition, Cyclone Armor will also be applied to all nearby Allies.Collapsed Vault-Kehjistan
Aspect of Mending Stone
DefensiveThe duration of Earthen Bulwark is increased by 6 seconds. In addition, killing an enemy with Earth skills replenishes 4 of your active Earthen Bulwark's barrier.Sealed Archives-Dry Steppes
Aspect of Quicksand
UtilityDamage from Earth skills Slow enemies hit by 25% for 5 seconds.Feral's Den-Scosglen
Aspect of Retaliation
OffensiveYour Core skills deal up to 20% increased damage based on your amount of Fortify.Seaside Descent-Dry Steppes
Aspect of the Calm Breeze
ResourceLucky Hit: Wind Shear has up to a 7% chance to fully restore your spirit.
Grinning Labyrinth-Dry Steppes
Aspect of the Changeling's Debt
ResourceDamaging a Poisoned enemy with a Werebear Skill will instantly deal 120% of the Poisoning damage and consume the Poisoning.
Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast
OffensiveThe duration of Grizzly Rage is increased by 1 seconds. In addition, Critical Strikes while Grizzly Rage is active increase your Critical Strike Damage by 10% for the duration.Endless Gates-Hawezar
Aspect of the Tempest
OffensiveHurricane damage is increased by 10% each second while active.Blind Burrows-Hawezar
Aspect of the Unsatiated
ResourceAfter killing an enemy with Shred, your next Werewolf Skill generates 30% more Spirit and deals 30% increased damage.Tormented Ruins-Fractured Peaks
Aspect of the Ursine Horror
OffensivePulverize is now also an Earth skill. After casting Pulverize, tectonic spikes continue to deal 29 damage over 2 seconds.Belfry Zakara-Hawezar
Ballistic Aspect
UtilityWhen you have Fortify your Earth Skills gain +2 Ranks.
Whispering Pines-Scosglen
Mangled Aspect
ResourceWhen you are struck as a Werebear you have a 30% chance to gain 3 Spirit.
Immortal Emanation-Fractured Peaks
Crashstone Aspect
OffensiveEarth Skills deal 30% more Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled enemies.
Nighthowler's Aspect
OffensiveBlood Howl increases Critical Strike Chance by 5%. In addition, Blood Howl also affects nearby Companions and Players for 3 seconds.Forbidden City-Fractured Peaks
Overcharged Aspect
OffensiveLucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance when dealing Lightning damage to overload the target for 3 seconds, causing any direct damage you deal to them to pulse 57 additional damage to surrounding enemies.Mariner's Refuge-Scosglen
Shepherd's Aspect
OffensiveCore Skills deal an additional 6% damage for each active Companion.Bloodsoaked Crag-Dry Steppes
Skinwalker's Aspect
DefensiveWhen you use a Shapeshifting Skill that changes your form, gain 4 Life. If you are at full Life, gain the same amount as Fortify.Fading Echo-Kehjistan
Stormclaws's Aspect
OffensiveCritical Strikes with Shred deal 20% of the damage dealt as Lightning damage to the target and surrounding enemies.
Anica's Claim-Fractured Peaks
Stormshifter's Aspect
UtilityWhile Hurricane is active, gain +2 Ranks to your Shapeshifting Skills.Crusaders' Cathedral-Kehjistan
Vigorous Aspect
DefensiveGain 10.0% Damage Reduction while Shapeshifted into a Werewolf.Steadfast Barracks-Hawezar

Necromancer Aspects

Necromancer Aspects are Aspects that only the Necromancer Class can use! Below you can find all Necromancer Aspects in Diablo 4.

Aspect of Bursting Bones
OffensiveWhen a segment of Bone Prison is destroyed or expires, it deals 2 damage in an area around itself. Path of the Blind-Dry Steppes
Aspect of Empowering Reaper
OffensiveCritical Strikes from Sever have a 10% chance to spawn a pool of Blight under the target that deals 40% bonus damage. This effect can only happen once every 3 seconds.
 Flooded Depths-Scosglen
Aspect of Grasping Veins
OffensiveGain 10% increased Critical Strike Chance for 6 seconds when you cast Corpse Tendrils. You deal 30% bonus Critical Strike Damage to enemies damaged by Corpse Tendrils.
 Corrupted Grotto-Kehjistan
Aspect of Plunging Darkness
OffensiveBone Prison spawns a pool of Blight that deals 50% bonus damage over 6 seconds.
Rimescar Cavern-Fractured Peaks
Aspect of Potent Blood
ResourceWhile Healthy, Blood Orbs grant 10-20 Essence. Betrayer's Row-Dry Steppes
Aspect of Reanimation
OffensiveYour Golems and Skeletons gain increased damage while alive, up to 20% after 10 seconds.Aldurwood-Scosglen
Aspect of Swelling Curse
OffensiveBone Spirit’s Critical Strike Chance is increased by 15–25%[+]. Your Maximum Essence is increased by 2 for each enemy hit for 15 seconds. Hive-Scosglen
Aspect of the Damned
OffensiveYou deal 30% increased Shadow Damage to enemies afflicted by both Decrepify and Iron Maiden. Uldur's Cave-Kehjistan
Aspect of Torment
ResourceCritical Strikes with Bone Skills increase your Essence Regeneration by 90% for 4 seconds.Black Asylum-Fractured Peaks
Blighted Aspect
OffensiveYou deal 50% increased damage for 6 seconds after the Shadowblight Key Passive damages enemies 10 times.
 Akkhan's Grasp-Hawezar
Blood-bathed Aspect
OffensiveBlood Surge's nova echoes again after a short delay, dealing 70% less damage. Hoarfrost Demise-Fractured Peaks
Blood Seeker's Aspect
OffensiveBlood Lance deals x15% increased damage to its primary target per lanced enemy. Mercy's Reach-Fractured Peaks
Fastblood Aspect
ResourceBlood Orbs reduce your Ultimate Cooldown by 1 seconds.Iron Hold-Hawezar
Flesh-Rending AspectResourceAfter Decompose spawns a Corpse, gain 20 Essence.Nostrava Deepwood-Fractured Peaks
Hulking Aspect
UtilityYour Golem has a 4% chance to reduce its active cooldown by 2 seconds and a 2% chance to spawn a Corpse each time it damages an enemy with its normal attack.
 Sepulcher of the Forsworn-Kehjistan
Requiem Aspect
ResourceYou gain 3 maximum Essence per active Minion. Vault of the Forsaken-Scosglen
Sacrificial Aspect
OffensiveYour Sacrifice bonuses are increased by 15%. Ruins of Eridu-Hawezar
Splintering Aspect
OffensiveBone Spear's primary attack makes enemies hit beyond the first Vulnerable for 1.5 seconds. Bone Shards from Bone Spear deal 50% bonus damage to Vulnerable enemies and pierce them.
 Guulranh Slums-Dry Steppes
Torturous Aspect
UtilityIron Maiden is now also a Darkness skill and deals Shadow damage. Enemies afflicted by your Iron Maiden have a [15–25]% chance to be Stunned for 1 second when they deal direct damage. Deserted Underpass-Kehjistan
Unyielding Commander's Aspect
OffensiveWhile Army of the Dead is active, your Minions gain 70% Attack Speed and take 90% reduced damage. Faceless Shrine-Hawezar

Rogue Aspects

Rogue Aspects are Aspects that only the Rogue Class can use! Below you can find all Rogue Aspects in Diablo 4.

Aspect of Arrow Storms
OffensiveLucky Hit: Your Marksman Skills have up to a 10% chance to create an arrow storm at the enemy's location, dealing 89 Physical damage over 3 seconds. You can have up to 5 active arrow storms.Howling Warren-Scosglen
Aspect of Branching Volleys
Offensive Barrage's arrows have a 15% chance to split into 2 arrows whenever they ricochet.
Shadowed Plunge-Hawezar
Aspect of Corruption
OffensiveYour Imbuement Skill effects have 20% increased potency against Vulnerable enemies.
Renegade's Retreat-Kehjistan
Aspect of Encircling Blades
OffensiveFlurry damages enemies in a circle around you and deals 8% increased damage.
Forsaken Quarry-Fractured Peaks
Aspect of Explosive Verve
UtilityYour Grenade Skills count as Trap Skills. Whenever you arm a Trap or drop Grenades, you gain 10% increased Movement Speed for 3 seconds.Derelict Lodge-Fractured Peaks
Aspect of Siphoned Victuals
DefensiveLucky Hit: Damaging a Vulnerable enemy with a Core Skill has up to a 10% chance to drop a Healing Potion.
Leviathan's Maw-Hawezar
Aspect of Uncanny Treachery
DefensiveDealing direct damage to a Dazed Enemy with an Agility Skill grants Stealth for 4 seconds. Breaking Stealth with an attack grants you 15% Control Impaired Duration Reduction for 4 seconds.
Demon's Wake-Scosglen
Aspect of Unstable Imbuements
OffensiveWhen casting an Imbuement Skill you trigger an Imbued explosion around yourself, applying the Imbuement effects and dealing 23 damage of the same type.
Whispering Vault-Dry Steppes
Aspect of Volatile Shadows
OffensiveWhen a Dark Shroud shadow would be removed you trigger an explosion around yourself that deals 9 Shadow damage.
Ancient's Lament-Dry Steppes
Bladedancer's Aspect
OffensiveTwisting Blades orbit for a short time after they return to you, dealing 20–30% of Twisting Blade's return damage per hit.Jalal's Vigil-Scosglen
Blast-Trapper's Aspect
OffensiveLucky Hit: Dealing direct damage to enemies affected by your Trap Skills has up to a 30% chance to make them Vulnerable for 3 seconds.Kor Valar Ramparts-Fractured Peaks
Cheat's Aspect
DefensiveYou take 15.0% less damage from Crowd Controlled enemies. Whenever a Crowd Controlled enemy deals direct damage to you, gain 15% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.Luban's Rest-Scosglen
Energizing Aspect
ResourceDamaging an Elite enemy with a Basic Skill generates 5 Energy.Sanguine Chapel-Fractured Peaks
Enshrouding Aspect
DefensiveGain a Dark Shroud shadow every 3 seconds when standing still. Each Dark Shadow grants 2.0% increased Damage Reduction. Ghoa Ruins-Hawezar
Opportunist's AspectOffensiveWhen you break Stealth with an attack you drop a cluster of exploding Stun Grenades around your location that deal 59 total Physical Damage and Stun enemies for 0.5 seconds.

Prison of Caldeum-Kehjistan
Ravenous Aspect
ResourceKilling a Vulnerable enemy grants you 50% increased Energy Regeneration for 4 seconds. Shifting City-Dry Steppes
Shadowslicer Aspect
OffensiveWhen you cast Dash, a Shadow Clone is spawned at your location that also casts Dash, dealing 80% of the base damage. Twisted Hollow-Scosglen
Trickster's AspectOffensiveCaltrops also throw a cluster of exploding Stun Grenades that deal 16 total Physical damage and Stun enemies for 0.5 seconds.Guulrahn Canals-Dry Steppes
Trickshot Aspect
OffensiveWhenever Penetrating Shot damages an enemy, 2 additional arrows split off to either side. These side arrows deal 10% of Penetrating Shot's base damage and do not split.
 Bastion of Faith-Hawezar
Vengeful Aspect
OffensiveLucky Hit: Making an enemy Vulnerable has up to a 40% chance to grant 3% increased Critical Strike Chance for 3 seconds, up to 9%. Inferno-Kehjistan

Sorcerer Aspects

Sorcerer Aspects are Aspects that only the Sorcerer Class can use! Below you can find all Sorcerer Aspects in Diablo 4.

Aspect of Biting Cold
OffensiveWhen you Freeze an enemy there is a 30% chance they become Vulnerable for 3 seconds.Forgotten Depths-Dry Steppes
Aspect of Conflagration
OffensiveWhile channeling Incinerate, your Burning damage is increased by 20%.Light's Watch-Fractured Peaks
Aspect of Control
OffensiveYou deal 25% more damage to Immobilized, Stunned, or Frozen enemies.Sunken Library-Kehjistan
Aspect of Efficiency
ResourceCasting a Basic skill reduces the Mana cost of your next Core skill by 15%.Domhainne Tunnels-Scosglen
Aspect of Piercing Cold
OffensiveIce Shards pierce 3 times, dealing 25% less damage per subsequent enemy hit.Dead Man's Dredge-Fractured Peaks
Aspect of Singed Extremities
UtilityAfter Immobilize wears off, enemies are Slowed by 40% for 4 seconds.
Earthen Wound-Hazewar
Aspect of Splintering Energy
OffensiveLightning Spear has a 41% chance to spawn an additional Lightning Spear when you cast it.Crumbling Hekma-Kehjistan
Aspect of Piercing Static
OffensiveCharged Bolts pierce, but deal 60-40% less damage to targets hit after the first.Wretched Delve-Scosglen
Aspect of the Bounding Conduit
MobilityGain 25% Movement Speed for 3 seconds after Teleporting.Komdor Temple-Dry Steppes
Aspect of the Unwavering
DefensiveTaking direct damage has a 2% chance to reset the Cooldown of one of your Defensive Skills.Putrid Aquifer-Kehjistan
Aspect of Three Curses
OffensiveMeteor and Fireball deal 20% increased Critical Strike Damage. This bonus is doubled against Healthy targets.Serpent's Lair-Hawezar
Charged Aspect
MobilityCollecting Crackling Energy increases your Movement Speed by 10% for 8 seconds.Maddux Watch-Scosglen
Elementalist's Aspect
OffensiveCore or Mastery Skills cast at or above 100 Mana gain a 20% increased Critical Strike Chance.Pallid Delve-Dry  Steppes
Flamewalker's Aspect
MobilityComing in contact with your Firewall grants you 15% Movement Speed for 6 seconds.Cultist Refuge-Fractured Peaks
Incediary Aspect
ResourceLucky Hit: Damage from your Pyromancy skills has up to a 12% chance to restore 10 Mana.
Tomb of the Saints-Kehjistan
Prodigy's Aspect
ResourceUsing a Cooldown restores 15 Mana.
Recharging Aspect
ResourceEach time Chain Lightning bounces, gain 1.5 Mana.Zenith-Fractured Peaks
Snowguard's Aspect
DefensiveWhile within your own Blizzard and for 3 seconds after leaving it, you take 20% less damage.Fetid Mausoleum-Hawezar
Snowveiled Aspect
DefensiveCasting Ice Armor makes you Unstoppable for 3 seconds. Also grants 10% Bonus Armor for 3 seconds.
Sarat's Lair-Scosglen
Storm Swell Aspect
OffensiveYou deal 21% increased damage to Vulnerable enemies while you have a Barrier.Onyx Hold-Dry Steppes

The Codex of Power Aspects in Diablo 4 is a great way to strengthen your characters and unlock new interesting effects for your skills! Seasons also add a new Set of Aspects to Diablo 4!

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