Best Magic DPS Sets in ESO

Best Magic DPS Sets in ESO

The Best Sets for Magic DPS in ESO! The Best Sets for Magic DPS Builds in The Elder Scrolls Online! In this article you can find the most effective Magic damage based Armor Sets that will help you create strong Magic DPS Builds! The post will focus on Armor and Monster Sets and where you can find them!

You can use the Sets below to create strong themed DPS Builds that utilize Magic Damage in the game! Magic Damage is the main source of damage for Templars but also the Arcanist Class! Some Magic Damage based Builds you can use are:

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What are the Best Armor Sets for Magic DPS in ESO

Below you can find the best Magic DPS Armor Sets in ESO! Sets every Magic damage based Build must have in ESO!

1. War maiden

War Maiden is a powerful Set for Magic Damage based Builds! An offensive Set that boosts the Damage of your Magic Damage abilities. Your best option if you wish to focus on this type of Damage and create a strong Build! This is an Overland Set that drops in the Vvardenfell zone! The Morrowind DLC is required to gain access to the zone.

2. Oblivion’s Foe

Oblivion’s Foe is a Crafted Armor Set that relies on Soul Magic abilities to proc. The Set deals good Magic Damage over Time but you will have to use a Soul Magic Skill. You can craft the Set in any weight, in Font of Schemes in Coldharbour zone.

3. Coldharbour’s Favorite

A mixed Healer/Magic DPS Set that can be helpful in several occasions. Coldharbour’s Favorite is a great Set if you wish to be more flexible and support your group! You can craft the Set in Valenwood Border Artisan Camp in Northern Elsweyr zone! You need the Elsweyr DLC in order to access the zone.

4. Bahraha’s Curse

Bahraha’s Curse comes in every weight and is a good option for PVP or PVE gameplay. It crowd controls enemies and deals Magic Damage. You can drop the Set in Hew’s Bane zone and the Thieves Guild DLC is required to access it.

5. Dark Convergence

Mostly a PVP Set that can be fun to use in PVE as well. Dark Convergence pulls enemies and deals strong Magic AOE Damage! You can get pieces of the Set from Rewards for the Worthy Coffers, you earn from PVP activities.

6. Destructive Mage

Destructive Mage is a Trial Set that relies on Heavy Attacks. The Set deals Magic Damage to every enemy in an area but requires two Fully-Charged Heavy Attacks to proc. You can drop it inside the Hel Ra Citadel Trial in the Craglorn zone.

7. Galerion’s Revenge

Galerion’s Revenge is a Tel Var Set that deals good Magic Damage with Light or Heavy Attacks. You can buy the Set with Tel Var from the Tel Var Vendor in the Imperial City. You will need the Imperial City DLC to access the zone.

magic dps monster sets

What are the Best Monster Sets for Magic DPS in ESO

Below you can find the best Magic DPS Monster Sets in ESO! Our selection is rather limited since there are only a few Monster Sets in the game with Magic damage based effects!

1. Kjalnar’s Nightmare

Kjalnar’s Nightmare is one of the best Monster Sets for DPS in ESO and of course your number one option for Magic DPS Builds! It boosts damage and deals Magic damage reliably when you Light Attack your enemies. The Set requires good Light Attack Weaving to use it effectively, so this might be a problem for newer players.

The Head drops in Veteran Unhallowed Grave Dungeon and you can get the Shoulders piece from Urgarlag Chief-Bane. The Harrowstorm DLC is necessary to complete the set.

2. Nerien’eth

Nerien’eth is another good Magic Damage based Monster Set for almost every PVE content! It summons a Lich Crystal that deals delayed Magic damage when you deal direct damage! Good for New and Veteran players and a relatively easy Set to get.

The Head drops in Veteran Crypt of Hearts 2 Dungeon and you can get the Shoulders piece from Glirion the Redbeard.

3. Shadowrend

Shadowrend is a more defensive Set that can assist with Magic Damage. When you take damage the Set summons a Shadowy Clannfear that deals Magic damage but also debuffs enemies. Decent option for easier Solo PVE.

The Head drops in Veteran Banished Cells 1 Dungeon and you can get the Shoulders piece from Maj Al-Ragath.

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