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Best Frost DPS Sets in ESO

The Best Sets for Frost DPS in ESO! The Best Sets for Frost DPS Builds in The Elder Scrolls Online! In this article you can find the most effective Frost damage based Armor Sets that will help you create strong Frost DPS Builds! The post will focus on Armor and Monster Sets and where you can find them!

You can use the Sets below to create strong themed DPS Builds that utilize Frost in the game! The Warden is a great Class for Frost based Builds but any other ESO Class can use the following Sets! Some strong Frost DPS Builds you can use are:

  • Magicka Warden DPS PVE Build – Ice Queen
  • Warden Frost DPS Build – Blizzard

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What are the Best Armor Sets for Frost DPS in ESO

Below you can find the best Frost DPS Armor Sets in ESO! Sets every Frost damage based Build must have in ESO!

1. Whorl of the Depths

Whorl of the Depths is a Light Trial Set. A powerful Frost damage based DPS set that deals Frost direct and DoT damage! A great set to boost the damage of your frost based build that is also one of the best options for Magicka DPS builds in general!

You can farm the Set inside the Dreadsail Reef Trial in High Isle zone! The High Isle DLC is necessary to access the zone and the Trial!

2. Frostbite

Frostbite is an amazing Set that made Frost damage builds stronger and more viable in ESO! It boosts the damage of your frost damage abilities but also your damage done against Chilled enemies and enemies afflicted with Minor Brittle.

This is a Light Overland Set you can get in the Blackwood zone. The Blackwood DLC is required to access the zone!

3. Icy Conjurer

Icy Conjurer summons an Ice Wraith when you apply a Minor Debuff to an enemy! The Wraith deals DoT Frost damage. You can farm the set inside the Frostvault Dungeon in Normal and Veteran difficulty. The Wrathstone DLC is necessary.

4. Winterborn

Winterborn is a great starter Set for Frost DPS Builds! It summons an Ice Pillar that deals AOE Frost damage when you deal Frost damage. You can farm the set inside the Maelstrom Arena in Normal and Veteran difficulty. The Orsinium DLC is necessary.

5. Ysgramor’s Birthright

Ysgramor’s Birthright boosts the damage of your Frost abilities and is another nice starter option. An Overland Light Armor Set that drops in The Rift zone!

What are the Best Monster Sets for Frost DPS in ESO

Below you can find the best Frost DPS Monster Sets in ESO! Our selection is rather limited since there are only a couple Monster Sets in the game with Frost damage based effects!

1. Iceheart

Iceheart is your number one option if you are looking for a Frost damage based Set. It boosts your Critical Chance and when you deal Critical Damage it grants you a shield but also deals Frost damage to enemies. An amazing set for Solo Builds as well!

The Head drops in Veteran Direfrost Keep Dungeon and you can get the Shoulders piece from Glirion the Redbeard.

2. Nunatak

Nunatak is a support mostly set. When you deal frost damage, it deals frost damage, snares and applies the Major Brittle debuff! You can get the Head from Nunatak Patrolling Horror in the Memorial District, Imperial City. You can buy the shoulders from the Tel Var Merchant in your Alliance base in the sewers of the Imperial City. The Imperial City DLC is necessary to access the zone.

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