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Top 10 Stamina Sets

The Top 10 Stamina Sets for DPS in ESO! The Best Stamina Sets you can use for DPS roles in The Elder Scrolls Online! In this guide you can find the most effective Stamina based Armor Sets for the role of Damage Dealer in the game! The Sets below are perfect for pure Stamina based Builds as well as Stamina or Magicka based Hybrid Builds in ESO! The post will focus on Armor Sets, their effects and where you can find them!

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What are the Best Stamina Sets for DPS in ESO

Below you can find the best Armor Sets for the role of DPS in ESO! These are amazing Damage focused Armor Sets that will help you maximize your DPS with their unique effects and bonuses! There are several more worthy Sets you can use with success but those are the 10 Stamina Sets every damage dealer must have in ESO! The Best Stamina Sets for DPS are:

1. Arms of Relequen

Arms of Relequen is the top Stamina Set for DPS in ESO right now! A powerful Set that can boost your Critical chance and deal strong Physical damage with its special effect! The extra damage it deals boosts your DPS significantly and that makes it one of the best options for Stamina Builds but also Hybrid DPS Setups! The Set drops in the Cloudrest Trial in Summerset, so the Summerset DLC is necessary to farm it! Its perfected version only adds more Stamina so you can use both with success. An easy to farm Set that will boost your overall damage!

2. Aegis Caller

Aegis Caller is a powerful Stamina Set that deals Bleed AOE damage! It summons a Lesser Aegis that damages enemies in an area and boosts your DPS. This effect is stationary though and the set requires melee damage to proc. The Set drops in the Unhallowed Grave Dungeon, so you need the Harrowstorm DLC to farm it.

3. Pillar of Nirn

Pillar of Nirn is another powerful Stamina based Set that deals strong Bleed damage! It is often combined with Arms of Relequen for the best results! One of the best options for Hybrid Builds, Magicka or Stamina based and a must have Set for pure Stamina DPS along with Aegis Caller! The Set drops in the Falkreath Hold Dungeon, so the Horns of the Reach DLC is required to farm it.

4. Sul-Xan’s Torment

Sul-Xan’s Torment is a Trial Set that boosts Critical Chance and Damage when killing enemies! Not a very popular set for parsing since its effect triggers from killing enemies but an absolute must-have for real content! Before you can wear it though make your Critical damage calculations, so you do not go over the cap! The Set drops in the Rockgrove Trial in Blackwood and the Blackwood DLC is required to farm it!

5. Coral Riptide

Coral Riptide is another great DPS Set, like Arms of Relequen! This Set boosts your Weapon or Spell Damage based on your missing Stamina! A powerful Set for Stamina or Hybrid Builds if you can manage your Stamina easily! It adds some extra micromanagement to your gameplay so it might be a tough Set to handle for most players. It drops in the Dreadsail Reef Trial in High Isle and the High Isle DLC is necessary to farm it!

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6. Berserking Warrior

Berserking Warrior or Advancing Yokeda is a Heavy Armor Set that can boost your DPS! The Set boosts your Critical Chance when dealing damage with melee attacks. Stamina Builds and Hybrid Builds can use only its Weapons and Jewelry if they want to be effective wearing it! The Set drops in the Hel Ra Citadel Trial in Craglorn and is available with the base game! No DLC is required to farm it.

7. Ansuul’s Torment

Ansuul’s Torment is a great alternative Set for DPS, that boosts your overall damage against Monsters! Its special effect makes it a strictly PVE Armor Set. Its pieces drop in the Sanity’s Edge Trial, located in the Telvanni Peninsula zone, which means that you will need the Necrom DLC to access the Trial!

8. Tarnished Nightmare

Tarnished Nightmare is a powerful DPS Set that will boost your Critical Chance and deal strong AOE Damage! This Set fires Glass Shards to enemies in a wide area when you deal Critical Damage. It also applies the Sundered Status Effect, which makes it a good Set for Solo gameplay as well! A Medium Armor Set that you can farm inside the Oathsworn Pit Dungeon! The Scions of Ithelia DLC is necessary to access the Dungeon.

9. Order’s Wrath

Order’s Wrath is a powerful crafted Set that can assist you with DPS! It boosts your Critical Chance, Damage and Healing, which makes it a rather flexible set for PVE! You can wear this Set as a group or solo DPS Build! Must be careful to not go over the critical damage cap when in an organized group! This is a Crafted Set with crafting stations in High Isle, so the High Isle DLC is required to craft it! Alternatively you can buy the Set from other players.

10. Back-Alley Gourmand

Very similar Set to Order’s Wrath, Back-Alley Gourmand is a great alternative that can also assist you in DPS! It also boosts Critical Chance, Damage and Healing, as well as Weapon and Spell Damage. An Overland Set that you can get in the Galen zone. The Firesong DLC is necessary to access the zone and farm its pieces. Since it is a Light Armor Set, Stamina based Builds can use its Weapons and Jewelry effectively!

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