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Top 10 Healer Sets

The Top 10 Healer Sets in ESO! The Best Healer Sets for any type of group content in The Elder Scrolls Online! In this article you can find the most effective Armor Sets for the role of Healing in the game! The Sets below are perfect for every Healer Build in ESO!

The post will focus on Armor Sets and where you can find them! For a full list of the Best Healer Sets, including Monster Sets and Mythic Items, you can take a look at my Best Healer Sets Guide! For the Best Healer Class in ESO, you can read my Best Healer Class Guide!

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What are the Best Healer Sets in ESO

Below you can find the best Armor Sets for the role of Healer in ESO! There are several more worthy Sets you can use with success but those are the 10 Armor Sets every Healer must have in ESO!

1. Vestment of Olorime

Vestment of Olorime is a powerful Healer Set in ESO and the Top option for every Healer right now! The Set creates a circle when leaving a ground effect, that buffs group members with Major Courage! Very strong effect that can boost your group’s overall damage!

It drops in the Cloudrest Trial in Summerset, so the Summerset DLC is necessary to farm it!

2. Spell Power Cure

A great alternative to Olorime and a very good option if you do not wish to farm Trials! Spell Power Cure grants the Major Courage buff when you overheal yourself or allies! You can farm the set inside the White-Gold Tower Dungeon in Imperial City. The Imperial City DLC is required to access the Dungeon.

3. Stone-Talker’s Oath

Stone-Talker’s Oath is another powerful Support set, that is focusing on sustain! It restores Magicka and Stamina to your group but requires a fully charged Heavy Attack to trigger! The Set drops in the Rockgrove Trial in Blackwood and the Blackwood DLC is necessary to farm it!

4. Pillager’s Profit

Pillager’s Profit is a great option if you wish to boost Ultimate generation! It grants Ultimate to your group when you cast an Ultimate ability. The set drops in the Dreadsail Reef Trial in High Isle. The High Isle DLC is necessary to gain access to the Trial and farm the set!

5. Jorvuld’s Guidance

Jorvuld’s Guidance is another strong support set! It increases the duration of every Buff and shield you apply! The set drops inside the Scalecaller Peak Dungeon and the Dragon Bones DLC is necessary to farm it.

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6. Transformative Hope

Transformative Hope is a great Support Set that can buff you and your Allies with Major Heroism. Its Perfected version offers extra Healing Done! The set drops in the Sanity’s Edge Trial in Telvanni Peninsula. The Necrom DLC is necessary to gain access to the Trial and farm the set!

7. Hiti’s Hearth

Hiti’s Hearth creates an aura that heals group members but also reduces the cost of the core combat abilities sprint, block and Roll Dodge. You can farm the set inside the Icereach Dungeon. The Harrowstorm DLC is required to enter the dungeon!

8. Scorion Feast

A unique and flexible Set for Healers! Scorion Feast is a support Set that offers different bonuses! When you deal damage with a fully-charged Heavy Attack, you gain an Imbued Aura that grants to you and your group members extra Magicka and Stamina Recovery. If you deal damage with a fully-charged Heavy Attack with an Imbued Aura active, you gain an Overflow Aura that grants you and your group members extra Weapon and Spell Damage.

It drops in The Dread Cellar Dungeon and the Waking Flame DLC is necessary to farm it.

9. Hollowfang Thirst

Hollowfang Thirst is a great support set for Magicka based groups. It restores Magicka and applies Minor Vitality when you critically heal or damage an enemy! You can farm it inside the Moongrave Fane Dungeon, but the Scalebreaker DLC is necessary to access it.

10. Roaring Opportunist

Great Set for more organized groups! Roaring Opportunist buffs you and your group members with Major Slayer when completing a Fully Charged Heavy Attack! You can get the Set from the Kyne’s Aegis Trial in Western Skyrim. The Greymoor DLC is necessary to access the Trial.

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