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Dawn Mist’s Death Hand

Dawn Mist’s Death Hand is an Epic Gloves piece, that belongs to the Armor Gear type!

Dawn Mist's Death Hand
Melee Defense: 220
Ranged Defense: 200
Added Attack Speed: +1.6%
Dexterity: 3
Critical Hit: 45
3 Traits
Part of Dawn Mist Set

How to Get Dawn Mist’s Death Hand in Throne and Liberty

These Gloves is a craftable item and you can get its Lithograph as a random reward by defeating specific enemies. You can farm this Lithograph from Avolos Tracker and Avolos Pyromancer enemies inside the Sanctum of Desire but also from Reptilian Fighter, Sentry and Butcher enemies in the Saurodoma Island. For all available Gear, you can take a look at my Throne and Liberty Items Guide!

Dawn Mist Set Gear

The Gloves is part of the Dawn Mist Set in Throne and Liberty. This Set also includes:

  • Dawn Mist’s Killing Hood(Head)
  • Dawn Mist’s Killing Frost Heart(Chest)
  • Dawn Mist’s Mourning Pants(Legs)
  • Dawn Mist’s Thousand-Mile Feet(Shoes)