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Throne and Liberty Wand and Tome Skills

Wand and Tome Skills are Throne and Liberty Weapon Skills that will help you create powerful Builds in the game! Throne and Liberty is using a classless system where players can combine skills from two different weapons to create powerful Builds and fulfill the various roles of the game. Weapon Skills synergize together in Throne and Liberty to offer a unique gameplay experience for every player. Not all Weapons are good to combine together however.

There are seven available Weapons in Throne and Liberty. Each Weapon offers a selection of skills that can help you create your own personal Build for the role you wish to fulfill(DPS, Tank or Healer). The available Weapons are:

The Skills you can find in every Weapon category are divided in ActivePassive and DefenseActive are the skills you can use while in combat to deal damage, buff, debuff or heal a target. They are the core of your abilities and will help you advance in the game. Passive abilities are always active and provide your character with specific effects that further assist and complement your Build. Defense skills are defensive abilities that help you survive attacks and provide additional helpful effects to your character. There is one more category of skills, which are none other than the basic attack skill of every weapon.

Each Weapon has ten(10) Active Skillseight(8) Passive Skillsone(1) basic Attack skill and one(1)defense skill. To create a Build you pick the two Weapons you wish to combine together and choose twelve(12) Active and eight(8) Passive skills. One of the weapons will be your main and your base attack skill will be its base attack. Finally you can also pick one Defense skill to complete the Build. To unlock some skills you will need to participate in Resistance Events!

Wand and Tome Skills List in Throne and Liberty

Wand and Tome is a Healer/Support Hybrid Weapon in Throne and Liberty. This weapon offers healing abilities for you and your party, as well as buffs and debuffs. A support option for most of the other Weapons that synergizes very well with the Staff. Below you can find all Active and Passive abilities for the Wand and Tome Weapon.


Blessed Barrier
ActiveAllied target's Melee, Ranged, Magic Defense increase by 2400 for 6s. Incoming Heal increases by 53% during the day and Melee, Ranged, Magic Endurance increase by 529 at night. The increased amount will be multiplied by 3 for 2s after the effect is activated.

Clay's Salvation
ActiveRestores all party members' Health within the range by 520% of Base Damage + 469.

Corrupted Magic Circle
ActiveCreates a 5m area on the designated location to deal 54% of Base Damage + 50 to all enemies within the area for 9s, and inflicts Enfeeble: Curse that deals damage per second. It does not wake up sleeping targets.
Epic: Skill Casting Time decreases to 66%

Curse Explosion
ActiveDeals 280% of Base Damage + 102. Deals 100% of the whole damage you dealt including Burning and Poison damage over time, to targets with Curse damage over time (that you applied) within 5m radius and removes every Burning, Curse, and Poison (that you applied) from them.
Rare: If Touch of Despair is applied to the target, applies Health Shield with 1000 per stack to allies for 3s.
Epic: If Touch of Despair is applied to the target, increases explosion damage by 34% of Base Damage per stack.

Cursed Nightmare
ActiveDecreases Move Speed and Attack Speed by 30% for 3s with a 80% chance, and inflicts Sleep: Curse for 6.8s afterwards (12s for monsters). Attacks on a Sleeping target becomes a Critical Hit, and wakes up the target.
Epic: All damage over time on Sleeping target increases by 100%

Karmic Haze
ActiveInflicts Enfeeble that spreads the activated Curse from the main target to up to 3 other targets within a 5m range with a 80% chance.

Ray of Disaster
ActiveFor 6s skills add 1 Mana Condensation stack when used. Survival skills add 2 stacks. During Mana Condensation, use Ray of Disaster again to deal 740% of Base Damage + 184 to all enemies in the selected direction and restore party members' Health by 620% + 94. Damage and recovery increase by 50% per Mana Condensation stack. Mana Condensation is removed afterward.

Swift Healing
ActiveRestores a friendly target's Health by 310% of Base Damage + 87.
Rare: Can be used up to 2 times consecutively and Mana Cost increases upon consecutive uses.
Epic: Additional Recovery increases by 120% of Base Damage.

Time for Punishment
ActiveApplies Enfeeble: Curse with a 90% chance. Decreases Skill Damage Resistance by 200 for 9s.

Touch of Despair
ActiveApplies Enfeeble: Curse. Deals damage over time of 25% of Base Damage + 14 per stack for 9s. Stacks up to 2 times. It does not wake up sleeping targets.
Rare: Max Stack for Curse increases to 3.
Epic: Duration of Curse increases to 2s when used on the target with 3 stacks of Touch of Despair you inflicted.

Chaotic Shield
DefenseDefends against an attack. Applies Touch of Despair to the target. On defending against a Fury Attack, applies Curse skill cooldown reduction by 0.8s. On defending against a Fury Attack within 0.5s, additionally restores 6 Stamina for all party members within range.
Lv.1 - Lv.5
Curse Skill Remaining Cooldown Reduction
0.8 / 0.9 / 1 / 1.1 / 1.2
Stamina Recovery increase
6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
Rare: On defending against a Fury Attack, Curse skill remaining cooldown decreases to 0.8s.
Epic: On a perfect block, recover additional 9 Stamina.

Devotion and Emptiness
PassiveSkill Heal increases by 15% during the day. Skill damage over time increases by 15% at night.
Rare: Additional Skill Heal increase by 6% during the day and additional skill damage over time increase by 6% at night.
Epic: Recovery Skills Cooldown decreases to 10% during the day and Curse Skills Cooldown decreases to 10% at night.

Flawless Spirit
PassiveIncreases Mana Regen by 23.4 and Skill Heal by 5.1% per stack for 3s when you cast a Buff with Active Skills to an allied target. Stacks up to 10 times.

Full of Corruption

PassiveWhen the target you applied Enfeeble dies, your maximum damage increases by 20 for 9s.
Rare: Mana Regen for the duration increases by 28
Epic: Stacks up to 3 times.

Noble Revival
PassiveYour Skill Heal increases by 3.02% for every 1,000 Max Mana.

Saint's Oath
PassiveSkill Heal, Incoming Skill Heal, Amitoi Heal, and Recovery Crystal Heal have a 10% chance to increase by 18% for 3s when taking Skill Damage. Stacks up to 10 times.

Temptation of Darkness
PassiveEvery attack that hits a target Enfeebled by you decreases the remaining cooldown of every Curse skill by 0.14 sec.

Vampiric Contract
PassiveRestores Health of an allied target by 11% of the damage you dealt to a target under the influence of your Curse. If a friendly target is not within your Range, your Health is restored instead.
Epic: Additional Recovery increases by 3.4% of damage.

Wraith's Beckon
PassiveIncreases the Duration of Curse you inflict by 2.55s.
Epic: Curse Chance increase by 4%

You can use the above Skills, in order to create powerful Builds in Throne and Liberty! For TL Builds and Guides you can take a look at my Throne and Liberty Builds and Guides Page!

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