throne and liberty sword and shield skills
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Throne and Liberty Sword and Shield Skills

Sword and Shield Skills are Throne and Liberty Weapon Skills that will help you create powerful Builds in the game! Throne and Liberty is using a classless system where players can combine skills from two different weapons to create powerful Builds and fulfill the various roles of the game. Weapon Skills synergize together in Throne and Liberty to offer a unique gameplay experience for every player. Not all Weapons are good to combine together however.

There are seven available Weapons in Throne and Liberty. Each Weapon offers a selection of skills that can help you create your own personal Build for the role you wish to fulfill(DPS, Tank or Healer). The available Weapons are:

The Skills you can find in every Weapon category are divided in ActivePassive and DefenseActive are the skills you can use while in combat to deal damage, buff, debuff or heal a target. They are the core of your abilities and will help you advance in the game. Passive abilities are always active and provide your character with specific effects that further assist and complement your Build. Defense skills are defensive abilities that help you survive attacks and provide additional helpful effects to your character. There is one more category of skills, which are none other than the basic attack skill of every weapon.

Each Weapon has ten(10) Active Skillseight(8) Passive Skillsone(1) basic Attack skill and one(1)defense skill. To create a Build you pick the two Weapons you wish to combine together and choose twelve(12) Active and eight(8) Passive skills. One of the weapons will be your main and your base attack skill will be its base attack. Finally you can also pick one Defense skill to complete the Build. To unlock some skills you will need to participate in Resistance Events!

Sword and Shield Skills List in Throne and Liberty

The Tank Weapon of Throne and Liberty! Sword and Shield allows you to provoke enemies, crowd control and deal damage but it is better suited for the role of Tanking than DPS. Good to combine with Greatsword or Wand and Tome Weapons. Below you can find all Active and Passive abilities for the Sword and Shield Weapon.


Annihilating Slash
ActiveDeal damage equal to 280% of Base Damage + 42 to enemies within Attack Range. Against targets Weakened by the player, deals damage equal to 420% of Base Damage + 63. Annihilating Slash's remaining cooldown decreases by 8% per damaged target.

A Shot at Victory
ActiveA special growth skill that can only be grown with Precious Training Books: Omnipotence.
Deals damage equal to 725% of Base Damage + 101 to the target and the Sword skills increase damage by 20% for 6s. Has a 20% chance to activate A Shot at Victory once more. Applies an additional 5% chance increase for each target within 10m that's been inflicted by your Weaken. Applies an additional 60% increase chance if used within 3s after defending a Fury Attack.

Chain Hook
ActiveFury Attack
Has a 80% chance to apply Collision: Pull and decrease Move Speed by 60% for 3s. When used on boss monsters, pulls you to them.
Epic: Move Speed Reduction is changed to Bind

Counter Barrier
ActiveShield Block Chance +19% for 6s. On evading a Melee attack, using Shield Block or blocking with a Defense skill within 1.5 times the Attack Range, perform a counterattack that deals damage equal to 200% of Damage Reduction to the attacker. The counterattack damage is not affected by Critical Hit and Heavy Attack Chance.
Rare: Can even counter a ranged attack or a Magic Attack
Epic: Damage dealt by counterattacks increases to 250% of Damage Reduction.

Fierce Clash
ActiveFury Attack
Deals 220% of Base Damage with a 80% chance to apply Collision: Push. Has the same chance to Push enemies that collide with the target and decrease the damage they deal. The target is Stunned for 3s on colliding with a wall.

Provoking Roar
ActiveHas a 70% chance to apply Weaken: Provoke to 6 enemies within 3m for 2.9 s (3.75s against Monsters). Provoked targets direct their attacks and skills at you.
Epic: Provoke duration increases by 1.4s

Shield Strike
ActiveDeals 360% of Base Damage + 48 to the target. Shield Strike's Melee Heavy Attack Chance increases by 20 per 1% of Shield Block Chance. The target's aggression is increased greatly.
Rare: Remaining Shield Strike Cooldown decreases by 1.3s whenever you perform a successful counterattack with Counter Barrier.
Epic: Weaken the target with a 70% chance to apply Melee, Ranged and Magic Hit reduction by 250 for 6s.

Shield Throw
ActiveHurls a shield 5 times the distance of Attack Range in the selected direction. The Shield deals damage equal to 260% of Base Damage to all targets in its path before returning to you. The first skill used within 6s since the shield's return increases Melee, Ranged and Magic Heavy Attack Chance by 60. The target’s aggression is greatly increases.

Stalwart Bastion
ActiveDamage Reduction increases by 103 for 9s for you and party members within a 10m radius. The area lasts for 2s.
strategic rush
Strategic Rush
ActiveFury Attack
Charge 5 times the distance of Attack Range in the selected direction and deal 200% of Base Damage + 56 damage up to 5 targets with a 70% chance to inflict Collision: Push. The target is Stunned for 2s if collides into a wall.
Rare: Base Damage increases by 40 for 6s when used on Collision-immune targets.
Epic: Cooldown decreases to 18s

Shield Survival Technique
DefenseDefends against an attack. Restores Health by 390, and Shield Survival Technique changes to Retaliatory Strike for 1.5s upon defending against a Fury Attack. Increases Damage Reduction by 81 for 6s when a Fury Attack is defended within 0.5s.
Retaliatory Strike: Deals 200% of Base Damage + 57 damage to the target. Defending Fury Attacks with Shield Survival Technique before using Retaliatory Strike increases Retaliatory Strike Damage by 65%, up to 3 times.
Rare: Stamina cost decreases to 25 when using a skill.
Epic: On defending against a Fury Attack, creates a Shield equal to 14% of Max Health for 3s.

Aegis Shield
PassiveMelee, Ranged, and Magic Defense increases by 7.6 for every 1% of Shield Block Chance.
Epic: Reduce Damage: Shield increases by 2.5%.

Skillful Evasion
PassiveRanged and Magic Evasion increases by 9 per 1m of proximity to the target, up to 150. Only applies to targets within a 10m radius.
Rare: Additional Melee, Ranged and Magic Evasion increases by up to 50, against targets you Provoked.
Epic: Additional Melee, Ranged and Magic Evasion increases by up to 120, against targets you Provoked.

Eternal Knight
PassiveA special growth skill that can only be grown with Precious Improvement Books: Omnipotence.
When Health is below 20% draws out the power of eternal survival to increase Health Regen by 309% for 6 sec. Once the effect is activated, it will not activate again for 150 sec.

Gerad's Patience

PassiveOn evading, using Shield Block or blocking with a Defense skill, all CC Resistance increases by 18.75 for 3s. Stacks up to 10 times.

PassiveIncreases Melee, Ranged, and Magic Defense proportional to the number of targets within a 9m radius. Increases Melee, Ranged, and Magic Defense by 179 if there are 2 or fewer targets within range, by 280 if there are 3 to 6 targets and by 700 if there are 7 or more targets.

Morale Boost
PassiveColliding the target with another applies cooldown reduction by 14% to all skills. Each subsequent collision applies cooldown reduction by 7% to all skills per Collided target, up to 3 times.

Resilient Mind
PassiveEvading an attack restores Mana by 23.2, and each successful Shield Block or Defense skill Block restores Mana by 17.7% of the damage blocked.
Rare: Additionally heals 9 Health for each successful evasion, Shield Block or Defense Skill Block.
Epic: Additionally heals 21 Health for each successful evasion, Shield Block or Defense Skill Block.

Spectrum of Agony
PassiveOn hitting a target you have Provoked, deals damage equal to 57% of Base Damage + 27 to all Provoked targets within a 3m radius.
Epic: On hitting a Provoked target, increase by 0.4s to the target's remaining Provoke duration.

You can use the above Weapons and their Skills, in order to create powerful Builds in Throne and Liberty! For TL Builds and Guides you can take a look at my Throne and Liberty Builds and Guides Page!

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