throne and liberty greatsword skills
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Throne and Liberty Greatsword Skills

Greatsword Skills are Throne and Liberty Weapon Skills that will help you create powerful Builds in the game! Throne and Liberty is using a classless system where players can combine skills from two different weapons to create powerful Builds and fulfill the various roles of the game. Weapon Skills synergize together in Throne and Liberty to offer a unique gameplay experience for every player. Not all Weapons are good to combine together however.

There are seven available Weapons in Throne and Liberty. Each Weapon offers a selection of skills that can help you create your own personal Build for the role you wish to fulfill(DPS, Tank or Healer). The available Weapons are:

The Skills you can find in every Weapon category are divided in ActivePassive and DefenseActive are the skills you can use while in combat to deal damage, buff, debuff or heal a target. They are the core of your abilities and will help you advance in the game. Passive abilities are always active and provide your character with specific effects that further assist and complement your Build. Defense skills are defensive abilities that help you survive attacks and provide additional helpful effects to your character. There is one more category of skills, which are none other than the basic attack skill of every weapon.

Each Weapon has ten(10) Active Skillseight(8) Passive Skillsone(1) basic Attack skill and one(1)defense skill. To create a Build you pick the two Weapons you wish to combine together and choose twelve(12) Active and eight(8) Passive skills. One of the weapons will be your main and your base attack skill will be its base attack. Finally you can also pick one Defense skill to complete the Build. To unlock some skills you will need to participate in Resistance Events!

Greatsword Skills List in Throne and Liberty

Powerful Two Handed DPS Weapon with close gap and Burst Damage skills! Good to combine with other DPS weapons like Longbow and Daggers but also with Sword and Shield for a boost to defense. Below you can find all Active and Passive abilities for the Greatsword Weapon.


Ascending Slash
ActiveFury Attack
Deals damage equal to 210% of Base Damage + 54. Applies Collision: Prone with a chance of 80% against Bound, Sleeping or Stunned targets for 2.5s. For every Heavy Attack, Collision: Prone duration increases by 1s.
Damage increase
210% + 54 / 210% + 63 / 210% + 72 / 210% + 81 / 210% + 90

DaVinci's Courage
ActiveFor all party members within a 15m range, Max Health increases by 600 and Health Regen increases by 160 for 12s.
Max Health increase
600 / 640 / 680 / 720/ 760
Health Regen increase
160 / 170 / 180 / 190 / 200
Epic: Self and party members' Attack Speed increases by 15%

Death Blow
ActiveDeals damage equal to 350% of Base Damage + 113. Against Bound, Shocked or Stunned targets, damage increases by 30%.
Damage increase
350% + 113 / 350% + 129 / 350% + 145 / 350% + 161 / 350% + 177
Epic: Deals bonus damage equal to 60% of Base Damage.

Devastating Tornado
ActiveDeals Damage equal to 65% of Base Damage + 11 to all enemies within Attack Range. Consecutively attacks up to 12 times. On each hit, damage increases by 8%. Move Speed increases by 10%. Can also move through monsters and other players.
Damage increase
65% + 11 / 65% + 14 / 65% + 17 / 65% + 20 / 65% + 23
Move Speed increase
10% / 12% / 14% / 16% / 18%

Gaia Crash
ActiveCreates a 12m-long, 3m-wide Damage Area to the designated direction that deals 295% of Base Damage + 79 damage.

Guillotine Blade
ActiveDeals 820% of Base Damage + 142 damage. Deals 1066% of Base Damage +184 damage to Collision: Prone or Shock targets.

Precision Dash
ActiveCharges at the target, dealing damage equal to 110% of Base Damage.
Rare: Damage increases equal to distance
Epic: Range increases by 10%

Stunning Blow
ActiveDeals 150% of Base Damage with a 80% chance to Stun the target for 2.5s. Targets immune to Stun are Shocked for 3s. Every Heavy Attack increases Stun duration by 1s and Shock duration by 2s.
Rare: Stun Duration increases to 2.3s
Epic: Stun Duration increases to 3.5s

Valiant Brawl
ActiveAttacks 3 times in a row, each attack dealing 100% of Base Damage + 25 damage. If there are other enemies within the skill's range, spreads out the attacks and delivers the last attack to the main target. The last attack to the main target deals 292% of Base Damage + 38 damage. Every time a hit becomes a heavy attack, the remaining cooldown decreases by 15%.
Rare: Consecutive attack count increases to 4
Epic: Additional last attack damage increases to 74% of Base Damage if attacking multiple targets

Will Breaker
ActiveDeals 100% of Base Damage to all enemies in a 3m semicircle to the designated direction, and decreases their Melee, Ranged, and Magic Defense by 720.

Iron Point Parry
DefenseDefends against an attack. On defending against a Fury Attack, deals damage equal to 230% of Base Damage + 27 and Iron Point Parry changes to Murderous Draw. On defending against a Fury Attack within 0.5s, deals damage with a 80% chance to Stun the target for 3s. Targets immune to Stun are Shocked for 6s.
Murderous Draw: Deals damage equal to 290% of Base Damage + 34 to targets within a 4m radius.
Lv.1 - Lv.5
Damage Bonus
230% + 27 / 230% + 40 / 230% + 54 / 230% + 67/ 230% + 80
Damage Bonus
290% + 34 / 290% + 50 / 290% + 68 / 290% + 84 / 290% + 100
Rare: Counterattack Bonus Damage increases by 50%
Epic: Skill Damage Boost increases by 11% for skills used within 5s after defending a Fury Attack

Barbarian's Dash
PassiveIncreases Move Speed by 38% for 3s after Mobility skill is used.

Cold Warrior
PassiveMelee, Ranged, and Magic Critical Hit increase by 228 against Stunned or Shocked targets.
Epic: Melee, Ranged and Magic Critical Hit increase by 90 against Shocked or Stunned targets

Grip Charge
PassiveDefeating a target decreases the remaining cooldown of your Control skills by 17.5%.

Indomitable Armor
PassiveHas a 25% chance to increase Damage Reduction by 336 for 2s on being hit. Stacks up to 10 times.

Raging Frenzy
PassiveIf there are 3 or more enemies within a 5m radius, the skill's Damage Boost increases by 110.

Robust Constitution
PassiveIncreases Max Health by 700.
Rare: Health Regen increases by 84
Epic: Additional Max Health by 350

Victor's Morale
PassiveUpon dealing damage with skills, restores 23 Mana. This effect is not applied to damage over time.
Epic: Health increases by 7 upon dealing damage with a skill

Vital Force
PassiveIncreases Melee, Ranged and Magic Hit by 0.82 per 100 of current Health.
Rare: Stun Chance increases by 0.425 per 100 of current Health
Epic: Skill Damage Boost increases by 0.25 for every 100 current Health

You can use the above Skills, in order to create powerful Builds in Throne and Liberty! For TL Builds and Guides you can take a look at my Throne and Liberty Builds and Guides Page!

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